Hornby Virgin Pendlino DCC Train set reveiw

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Hornby Virgin Pendlino DCC Train set reveiw

Postby bocaj » Fri Jun 24, 2011 12:21 pm

Hi Everyone,

This is my first review of a model on this forum. Unfortunatly I am unable to upload any pictures of it

Today I am going to be reviewing the Hornby Pendlino DCC Train set.

It come with Two driver cars(one dummy and one with a moter in) that have very nice working directional lights fitted.
It also comes with a pantograph coache with a nice mechanical pantograph on top. Unfortunatley this pantograph is not capible of picking up power and actually supplying power to the moter but that does not matter on my layout as I will not be having evan a fake cantenery system on it.
The other car is just a standered pendlino coach.
All of the coaches have nicley detail rooves and the driving cars do have some cab details that you can see when the lights are switched on.
Another feature I like is the tillting mechanisum fitted in the cars just like inn the real life train.

This train set is a DCC one and it is supplied with a very nice DCC Select controller which is quite simple but good for begginers.

The set also comes with a very nice amount of track including a siding which I think can fit the 4 coach pendlino in. It also comes with the standered track mat, buffers and a few other things.

Overall Score- 9/10

Hope this helps,

Jacob :D

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