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Re: Rowenwood

Postby dursleydog » Thu Sep 19, 2019 5:08 pm

Final week of summer before the postgraduate course starts on Monday, so I've taken the final opportunity of free time to finish as much of the base scenery as I could. Never used static grass before, but fairly pleased with the results. I was going for a slightly run down and overgrown look, which with the addition of some bushes and weeds, as well as weathering powders for the buildings, I think I'll achieve.

'Sir Daniel Gooch' rolls in past the signal box on the mainline, with the good shed in the foreground.

Detailing on the engine shed area. Chains, rusty rails, and old wheels litter this area which is beginnning to fall to the weeds in places.

The overall station throat, might try and make it all look slightly less green!

Money is a little snug at the moment to justify doing the expensive jobs, like solving my crippling locomotive shortage! But soonish I think Rowenwood will be seeing some new arrivals. Also at some point I'll start playing with weathering powders, which I'm hoping will make a big difference!
It's been a very fun summer finally being able to dive into a layout and try out tonnes of new techniques, for a first ever layout I'm pretty please with how its gone so far, already got lots of things I'd like to do differently next time! :lol:
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Re: Rowenwood

Postby joshv8 » Sat Sep 21, 2019 4:52 am

Seriously I could sit and play with that for hours. An absolute fantastic job, great results!! Could I ask for a few overall shots?

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Re: Rowenwood

Postby DonB » Sun Oct 06, 2019 12:47 am

Filthy, neglected, and oozing atmosphere!
That last overall shot is just how I'd imagine a branch-line terminus to look, just before Beeching brought down his axe.
Very nicely done.

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We are a helpful bunch here, so ask away!

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Re: Rowenwood

Postby dursleydog » Wed Oct 16, 2019 3:07 pm

New addition to Rowenwood! 'Ditcheat Manor' in BR Black adding to the western region feel.


However, having a few issues with the newbie. Runs smoothly enough considering I need to give it an oil and a proper run it, but having an odd issue on points. Every time it reaches a set, the locomotive seems to lever itself in the air just enough to lose all traction. Not sure if anyone's run into a similar issue before and how/if they fixed it?

General scenery work is making slow progress now I'm back to work, but I've been adding a few bushes and weeds to make it steadily more run down and Beeching-esq. In my head it's developing as some additional 'overflow' terminus for a city somewhere in the west country that's seeing the services decline and facing closure, hoping to capture a bit of that atmosphere as the scenery continues! Once I've ironed out a few scenic bits and pieces I'm not quite happy with yet, I'll be posting some more overall shots.
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Re: Rowenwood

Postby dursleydog » Mon Jan 20, 2020 2:33 pm

Only been a few minor updates to the layout, few scenic tweaks and ironing out a couple of electrical issues (pva glue getting in places it shouldn't!). Had a little running session and took a few pics, enjoy!

The 08 station pilot leads empty Chocolate & Cream stock out of the station in a more overall shot of the layout.

'Ditcheat Manor' simmers on shed as she takes on water for the afternoon's duties.

Empty coaches sit in Platform 1 in the background of a quiet Rowenwood station.

'Ditcheat Manor' leads a local stopping train out of platform 1 tender first.

A quiet spell at the station allows the station pilot to move empty trucks out of the goods shed.
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