He's finally cracked, I tell you! 2ft x 3ft in OO

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Re: He's finally cracked, I tell you! 2ft x 3ft in OO

Postby Emettman » Fri Oct 28, 2016 10:35 am

I *think* I have cracked the uncouplers, as best I can, for my particular purposes.
A variation of the tension lock with magnets approach.


These magnets are bigger and weaker than the more modern ones I previously tried and, for this job, seem to be the better for it.
With the small powerful magnets the setting appeared so critical: very little distance between not enough pull and too much.

Here set up in pairs to with a coupling hook on both vehicle ends.

A quick touch of paint and they merge fairly well (yes, I could do better).



The locos will have no hook but the truncated arm will carry a clear plastic flap which will give a delayed action function between the loco and rolling stock (only)
I can't use this on all the vehicles as I'm using a turntable fiddle yard. If it had been a sector plate, I'd have used one hook and one plate per vehicle, and only needed one magnet for each uncoupling location.
The locos will need the old wide Triang coupling loops, a penalty for needing to uncouple on 10" radius curves. (I don''t need to couple on them: that's on on easier curves.)

This seems to work, and with limited stock it won't be a terrible chore to tweak each coupler to best performance. I hope.


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