Trouvé - not that far from Perdu!

Post pictures and information about your own personal model railway layout that is under construction. Keep members up-to-date with what you are doing and discuss problems that you are having.
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Re: Trouvé - not that far from Perdu!

Postby fourtytwo » Fri Dec 09, 2016 11:37 pm

Notroh wrote:End2End, PNP, Bufferstop, Lukeb, Jon_C, Buggleskelly, Allegheny1600,

Thanks for the nice comments. I hope this will answer most of your questions.

The main board, Trouvé, has in truth been sat covered up for over a year, since I started to build the extension – Manquant.

When I finally put it all together again last week end, I realised that the two just did not look right together, they were in fact two very different layouts, in both quality of modelling and probably more importantly to me aesthetically. I had, for now, moved on from a roundy roundy, and much preferred the sight lines of Manquant.

So what to do with Trouvé? There is nowhere in the house to store it and it is too big to go through the loft hatch. Not that the loft is an option as being a 1930’s house the loft is designed to be airy, so is subject to dramatic heat and humidity changes which would have ruined the layout anyway. The garage is full and the garden shed is not big enough.

I couldn’t bring myself to sell it, there is too much of me and my personal memories in it, plus it is the first layout I have built in my 61 years that looked half decent, ran well and gave me so much pleasure in the making of it.

So last weekend I stripped the board and what I recovered amazed me – 18 metres of track and 15 points! Plus most of the figures, trees, lighting and signaling. Enough for a couple of layouts there!!

I disposed of the buildings, they won’t fit on Manquant and aren’t the quality of the buildings there either. I did keep the Jaques Tati house though :)

So there we are, Trouvé is no more. But a week down the line I think it was the right thing in the end and will enjoy sharing Manquant with you all.


So sad as many have said the end of an era! I too have been through this pain many times, usually as a consequence of a house move, sometimes through a re planning exercise by the love of my life and sometimes by myself realizing I simply cannot go on, the layout will never reach its original objectives (what were they) and its time to move on. OMG that word STRIPPED says it all, that heart breaking moment the destruction begins, it's horrible as the magic is destroyed, the months of it all being bits of wood and metal again before the new idea slowly grows to reality once more, are railway modellers not just poets and artists in a different guise :)
Does the pain of N gauge steam ever end!

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