Reusable, modular layout base in N-gauge

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Re: Reusable, modular layout base in N-gauge

Postby End2end » Fri Jun 12, 2020 11:15 pm

Great modelling alan_r. :)
The photographed stages really help grasp the steps involved.
"St Blazey's" - The progress and predicaments.
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Re: Reusable, modular layout base in N-gauge

Postby alan_r » Sat Jun 20, 2020 8:49 pm

Thanks for the comments :)

The next task was to finish the edge of the higher concrete level. To keep it simple, this would comprise just a barrier and a balcony for now, where I could add buildings in the future, such as a station plaza and/or some shops. The card pieces were cut and scored to allow some crisp fold lines
Card for building edge

Then they were glued and weighted down until dry
Sticking in place

Mini craft pegs held both sides of the overlapping barrier wall. The balcony got around the tight space between the edge and the road and if I build a station plaza this could form the interior
Creating the barrier

Once all of the parts were dry it created a nice edge to the polystyrene
Completed edge

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Re: Reusable, modular layout base in N-gauge

Postby Mountain » Sun Jun 21, 2020 10:30 am

That's quite an intricate shape there.

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Re: Reusable, modular layout base in N-gauge

Postby alan_r » Thu Jun 25, 2020 7:45 pm

The finished edge (unpainted of course) can be seen in this shot looking towards the station. The protruding part next to the station end is to form a foundation for the end office block
Finished edge view towards the station

The office block that surrounds the end of the backscene slots nicely into the end foundation and is no longer floating in mid-air! The gap between the office block and the station though does show fields on the horizon which looks odd since there should be railway in that part of the view so will need to be blocked
End building foundation - no longer floating

A simple low-relief building side will be just high enough to hide the backscene landscape, with only sky visible. It will sit under the station building to keep it in place.
Low relief infill

Placing it in position confirms it hides the landscape of the backscene
Infill positioned to close the gap

With the office block back, the infill has closed the gap nicely
Building in place with infill to station

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Re: Reusable, modular layout base in N-gauge

Postby alan_r » Fri Jul 03, 2020 6:55 pm

Now the card cutting is complete and all the elements fit the space, it is time to finally paint all the card a light grey to represent concrete
Painted card

It could probably benefit from some weathering, but for now it will do. If this turns into the interior of a station plaza then weathering would look wrong so for now I'll leave it clean
Painted grey

Sticking the window prints onto the infill building next to the station bridge and re-fitting the office block completes the scene (for now). At least the office block isn't floating in the air anymore and the fields can no longer be seen between the station and the office ...
Building back and window print fitted

Complete view

To hide the polystyrene in the middle, the cut sheet of plywood is then dropped in, and is a perfect fit.
Plywood infill dropped in place

The plywood is now ready to form the basis of some new scenic modules, with road and rail siding access :D

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Re: Reusable, modular layout base in N-gauge

Postby alan_r » Sun Jul 19, 2020 8:49 pm

Having closed the gap by the office blocks, the scene looks a lot more complete
Completed backscene looking better

Now having finished the 'backscene' (!) I decided it was time to populate the layout with some trains for a bit
Trains on the layout

The plywood board gives plenty of future options for infill scenes and alternative builds, but for now I decided to 'cheat', paint it concrete-grey and just dump some containers/cranes/trucks into the area and create a container yard. No work at all, but it means I have a configuration that can be fully finished for watching the trains gently roll by...
Grey-painted infill board and container facilities

An aerial view of the container yard shows how effective it is just by putting details into the space and makes quite an impression. The colourful variation of the containers and the yellow cranes makes a nice contrast to the grey of the concrete...
Aerial view of the container yard

Hmmm ... does that mean I've actually FINISHED my layout?! :shock: :D
Well, one variant at least, but I can create lots of alternative infill scenes to match my various freight wagons as somewhere for them to go, so no danger of getting bored and having to move on to another new layout for now :)

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Re: Reusable, modular layout base in N-gauge

Postby alan_r » Sat Aug 08, 2020 12:47 pm

Here is a view of the entire layout. You can't see much detail in it, but it gives a good view of the edges and overall setup. Edited to hide my clutter in the photo! Overall size 3.10m x 1.06m (10'3'' x 3'6'')
Overview of whole layout

This is a different view looking along from one end to show the front and back of the 'oval'
Long end view

... and looking from the other end
Other end view

...and finally a higher viewpoint looking down
Higher view

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