The CASSR branchline

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Re: The CASSR branchline

Postby Ark Royal » Sun Feb 26, 2012 9:52 am

Time for an update I think

i have begun laying track on board 2, changed the track plan 15 times and the layout has grown.

original plan :16 ft * 2 ft * 1 ft tall

new plan: 24 ft* 2 ft(expanding to 4 and 8 in places) * 10 ft tall

the plan is to have the CASSR branch-line about 6 ft from floor level (my eye height)
about 2 ft underneath (my eye level when seated) will be a model of Ely c. summer 2010 (long story)
at the very top about 10 ft up is the fiddle yard, which will be a model of a carriage sidings/maintenance depot.
there will then be a removable section, which goes out of the garage door in good weather, and makes Ely into a continuous run.
connecting all of the levels will be a 2nd and 3rd radius spiral, which will have a scenic back scene both sides to give the impression (to on-train cameras) that it is not just a spiral.

I will try and add a diagram of what i mean (I've done an A3 drawing of what i intend to do, but i don't know how to scan it.)

Hope that makes a vague amount of sense

If you have found the above helpful, please read my layout thread and offer a comment
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