Layout of the year 2010 last week to nominate!!!

Post pictures and information about your own personal model railway layout that is under construction. Keep members up-to-date with what you are doing and discuss problems that you are having.
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Layout of the year 2010 last week to nominate!!!

Postby kennyGWSR » Wed Mar 16, 2011 9:33 pm

Hi guys, i thought i would try this to see what the out come could be.
Anyway, which layout in your mind has progressed over 2010 the most? Cast your votes on here and then in a few weeks time, i will put a poll up to vote for the most improved layout! Now, a couple of rules, you may nominate as many layouts as you want, but you cannot vote for your own layout! Also you can state why this layout has improved the most in your mind. It does not have to just be scenery, it can be station improvements, loco collections or even station building, whatever has been the most improved is what counts!

Ok guys, ill start of the nominations with:
Mattymay05's Bluebell model Railway - the locos and rolling stock on this layout are superb, even if some people like t pick at them, also this has to be the most photo perfect layout on here! the layout is the best in my mind on here.
Olivereading1123's Sheaf Valley Railway - this little layout has gone from strength to strength over the last couple of months, to think it only started when oliver went to uni in september last year, now look at it!
35011gsn's Quarry bank Railway - this layout has a nice feel to it, maybe its the cluttered background, 2 levels, my old N class :wink: or the rolling stock, i think its a a mix of it all actually :D
Durseytu's The Bridge - i find stuarts layout just amazing, the branch line is stunning and that 3mt 82021 just suites that so well.
50035arkroyal's previous layout barham road - the owner of this may have been chopping and changing his mind about n gauge or not, but while this has been going on, his collection of class 50's over the last year have always brought a smile to my face, even if he has got on peoples nerves with this extensive hoover knowlage :wink:
and Black Marlins Starlingford - this has always been one of the layouts to look out for, the photos that usually appear on each page are just great, the aircraft above the layout just make this a unique layout among others.
what about you?
Ill give you 2 weeks to nominate so you have plenty of time to pick and choose!
i will start to make a list of the layouts that have been put forward, but only the ones with 3 or more votes so if the layout you like hasnt been named or needs more votes, you better be quick!
edit: i have changed how long you have to decide on which layouts as this is more popular than i thought.
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60089 Felstead :)
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Re: Layout of the year 2010

Postby 50035 Ark Royal » Wed Mar 16, 2011 10:59 pm

Hi Kenny to get this thread rolling can i nominate 4 please? :lol:
First and main 2 Birmingham New St for the amazing attention to detail, used to work there 1989 to 98 and Jim Sw has captured the grimeyness and ugliness of the Black Hole :lol: as we use to dub it.
Followed by Nse days Old Oak Particuarly love Richards amazing scratch building and his weathering on hos loco fleet which gives that little extra realism.
While following 50's in particular and working at New St Loco's Rolling stock etc did not stay clean for long :lol:
The 2 runners up would be NSE Daz and making a start although i wish he would call his thread Shafetsbury :lol:
The reason been is he is replicating the mule and although not my favourite line, there is no doubt about it that it was a life line to the Vacs and in the twighlight years late 80's i had many happy memories bashing Royal Oak :D etc.And quite fond with some of his loco fleet. :D
And last but not least
Quarry Bank Railway reason been his amazing canal and scenery work for sombody so young and like another young lad on here his layout has humour something that others sadly lack.
There is so many others as well but 4 probably too many so to nominate more realy pushing it. :lol:
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Stewart Gethin
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Re: Layout of the year 2010

Postby Stewart Gethin » Thu Mar 17, 2011 7:31 am

Hard choice really, I believe,

Cmeonthemove's Old warren TMD has progressed immensly in the year 2010. Lighting etc. (okay this may be in jan/feb of this year. but hey. ;) )

And NSE Daz's Shaftesbury.

Well, what a great layout. Even taking an angle grinder to an OO bridge!

Commisirations to:
Starlingford, Black-Marlin.
The Bridge, Dursetyu.

All great layouts.

Thanks for sharing them ;)

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Re: Layout of the year 2010

Postby wolvesdug » Thu Mar 17, 2011 9:16 am

My 2 are

Birmingham New Street - i love the attention to detail
Cramdin yard- Showing what can be done in a small area

But every layout on here are all good layouts in there own right. Each has a story to tell so keep up the good work guys.

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Re: Layout of the year 2010

Postby siquelme » Thu Mar 17, 2011 9:21 am

My personal favs (in no particular order)

Daz NSE's -Shaftesbury - Stunning layout with amazing attention to detail
Littlenobby's - Port Erth - Still a work in progess but has produced some amazing photos and rolling stock
Retromans - Ely Bridge - Only came across this one recently but another stunning model (even tho it heavily features horrible BR blue desels)
Champion - NSE days old oak - Another NSE layout like Dazs its a stunning layout which produced amazing phoots
Jim S-W - Birmingham New Street - Just look for yourself
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Re: Layout of the year 2010

Postby Durseytu » Thu Mar 17, 2011 9:41 am

There are so many favourites that I could mention here (and sorry for those those get missed out), but if its about the amount of work that has gone into a layout over the last year, my two nominations are:

Jim's Birmingham New Street. I know he said that it will take him about 20 years to complete, but he always seems to be cracking on with some tiny detail of the layout and every week we are being treated to a new lamppost/belisha beacon/bus/bridge support etc.

Chris' (cmeonthemove) Old Warren TMD. This layout is constantly evolving and every week we are been treated to another level of detail whether its new stock, lights etc; and now we will have another change soon with the addition of a fiddle yard.

Still, hats off to all those that are worthy of mentions, such as NSE DAZ's Shaftesbury, Black Marlin's Starlingford, Grotland's layout, Eastern's East Cheltwell, Mightys layout and many more.



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Re: Layout of the year 2010

Postby kennyGWSR » Thu Mar 17, 2011 12:52 pm

There you go guys, you can nominate as many as you want! :D
60089 Felstead :)
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Re: Layout of the year 2010

Postby buz » Thu Mar 17, 2011 1:34 pm

Hi kennyGWSR
And just how are we supposed to choose :? .
There isn't a layout that I have looked at that doesn't have something noteworthy :D .
Whether its wow that detail or scale precision, well that's different.
Or just a plain case of how did you do that or its how small or big.
It may even just be the unquantifiable like the sense of rightness or feel the layout has.
Even my simple tiny layout will have something that is noteworthy to someone.
So in accordance with the rules I vote for all of them except mine :) .
regards John
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Re: Layout of the year 2010

Postby manormadman » Thu Mar 17, 2011 4:31 pm

Would Wenchford count or is that to early. Otherwise Starlingford, The Bridge, Port Erth, The Bluebell line and your layout Kenny :P
Cheers Seb

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Re: Layout of the year 2010

Postby 50035 Ark Royal » Thu Mar 17, 2011 5:05 pm

Ok here goes Old Warren, Chris Castle Cross,Ben , his videos are entertaining and at times hilarious :lol: Stewart Gethin;s layout sorry cant remeber or pronounce the name
Wadebridge Splop
Newton Abbot? by Beyer Peacock
used to like Bizzy d's NSE layout can;t remeber the name.
Kenny your layout your thread has humour and im like your ideas.
Slightly love the weathering and as a Brummie born and bred know it well, but at a later period.
Julians Bamborough Garden Layout.
Triumph's layout and his son both outstanding.
Finsbury Park you just gotta love Deltics
Grotland although Scottish not my scene again another wondeful layout
And many more every layout is unique on here i do not think there will be enough room for the nominations
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Re: Layout of the year 2010

Postby sishades » Thu Mar 17, 2011 5:14 pm

Anything by Lmsrail....
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Re: Layout of the year 2010

Postby Zunnan » Thu Mar 17, 2011 7:07 pm

For me is has to be either Jim S-W's P4 New Street or Southernboys 'Frankland'. Two completely different layouts in two different scales both incredibly well observed and modelled, and both promise to be amongst the best layouts in their respective scales anywhere. Grotlands layout is a very commendable third for me with some absolutely stunning modelling.

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Re: Layout of the year 2010

Postby brit-in-bama » Thu Mar 17, 2011 7:14 pm

I have to agree with Buzz, I find it impossible to have a top one or two, or ten, as each is unique, I am amazed by the quality of all of them, they all deserve a blue ribbon.

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Re: Layout of the year 2010

Postby StevieDay » Thu Mar 17, 2011 8:32 pm

I've very much enjoyed read & seeing so many high quality layouts on here.

From Kennys' criteria I nominate the following layouts;

Eldavos' Waton n Gauge Challenge layout. To build & near complete an entire layout including track, to such a high standard in just 9mths is astounding.

Chris' Old Warren TMD. A fantastic layout with great detailing & the lighting oozes atmosphere.

Jims' Birmingham New St. A brilliant layout, detailing taken to the next level & beyond.

Grotlands Layout. Excellent scratch building & a wonderful grimyness covering everything.

SouthernBoys' Frankland Another wonderful layout with excellent scratch building & detailing including drains in the roads.

Retros' Ely Bridge. A lovely layout & its industrial scape takes it to new heights....literally!

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Re: Layout of the year 2010

Postby SouthernBoy » Thu Mar 17, 2011 9:15 pm

Many good layouts already noted - and to that list I'd add:

rabbitaway - Fintry Junction - N Gauge Scenic Layout
Eastern - East Cheltwell

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