Garage Layout Barnfield Junction

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Re: Garage Layout Barnfield Junction

Postby B@rney » Tue Jun 09, 2009 1:37 pm

briantwigley wrote:
I would have a heart attack trying to wire up that array of points and crossovers..!

When you stare at it you can actually see that it is quite simple, 2 lines crossing connected to 2 other lines. Very nice work on that, Planning it would have baffled me, no matter how simple it looks.

An amazing track plan, Will look great with some looong rakes running around!



The wireing is also decepively simple.. its DCC remeber so its just a case of shoving droppers all over the place. The points are all insulfrog so I dont have to worry about the frog polarity. The long crossovers do cause a small short when metal wheels run over the frogs as the clearance allowed by Peco is minute!! nothing a blob of nail varnish doesnt fix, but this has a limited life span, espcially if I use my CMX machine to clean the track!!.

The crossover section allows the crossover of 2 double tracks OR and this is the clever bit, 4 loops to be created.

To go from one state to the other needs 4 points to be thrown at the same time. for this I am using DCC concepts Masterswich units. So 1 output from the accessory decoder will throw 4 points. This means that the entire junction of 8 point motors is controlled by 2 decoder addresses (or swiches if you prefer)

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