New Railway Modellers Virtual Exhibition 9 [ Winter Layout]

Post pictures and information about your own personal model railway layout that is under construction. Keep members up-to-date with what you are doing and discuss problems that you are having.
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New Railway Modellers Virtual Exhibition 9 [ Winter Layout]

Postby sanctuary » Sun Jan 13, 2008 11:08 pm

This edition features the excellent entrants in the Winter Layout Competition and some new layouts to the forum.

Once again a big thank you to all the members who have supplied the excellent pictures.

New Railway Modellers Virtual Exhibition 9
Tight Lines Aidan

Linka to Pawford Layout

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Postby mumbles » Sun Jan 13, 2008 11:30 pm

nice one
cheers aidan 8)

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Postby JC_17 » Sun Jan 13, 2008 11:41 pm

looks gr8. soem nice pictures there, well done to the people that created them.
Cheers Jamie

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Postby 80064 » Mon Jan 14, 2008 12:16 am

Good work fellas! :)

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Postby waz » Mon Jan 14, 2008 9:43 am

Well done once again Aidan!!

And well done to all the contributers. Great stuff.

My Very Best Regards



Postby Lofty » Mon Jan 14, 2008 10:09 am

Cracking as per usual 8)


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Postby B@rney » Mon Jan 14, 2008 10:27 am


Lovely show, made even better (for me anyway) As Im in it :)


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Postby Chuffer Chuff » Mon Jan 14, 2008 4:28 pm

Well done! It was superb! :wink:
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Postby Infrontcat » Mon Jan 14, 2008 6:11 pm

Congrats to all the contributors to #9. All of the winter models were really good. Glad to see the your one finished Martin ;)


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Postby m.levin » Mon Jan 14, 2008 8:16 pm

Thanks again Tim, it had come on since you saw it at the beginning of Dec.

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Postby TerryB » Mon Jan 14, 2008 11:07 pm

Well done .........all.
It's nice to see a winter scene ............most layouts seem to be set in summer* ..........quite "refreshing"
*including my own :wink:
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Postby Spavo » Tue Jan 15, 2008 7:27 am

Thanks and well done Aidan.......genius as usual, we really are spoilt on here eh?

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