track plan to baseboard advice

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track plan to baseboard advice

Postby Michaelaface » Wed May 24, 2017 10:28 am

So my baseboards are constructed, and now I'm trying to decide how to go about transferring my track plan to the baseboard top

In the past I've printed out the plan 1:1 onto paper, laid it out on the baseboards, positioned the trackwork on top of the plan and temporarily pinned it down and removed the paper from underneath, I've never really been happy with how this has worked out though, and its often led to strange inaccuracies all over the place, or because I've just used normal thin printer paper, the paper has warped slightly and they whole thing ends up wonky

so instead I was thinking of doing one of the following
-Printing on the plan on thin card, the idea here is it shouldn't warp anywhere near the amount thin paper would do, and I'd glue the whole thing down as a layer atop my baseboard (this seems like the best option, although slight concern on whether the card would get in the way in the future somewhere? I'd obviously make sure it was all securely glued down and unlikely to come apart)

-Placing the track plan on the baseboard and transferring the centrelines to the baseboard using pins or a suitable carving tool (worried this could still end up wonky)

-Drawing a grid on my baseboard and attempting to manually draw it over (this seems like a bit too much effort)

what are your thoughts and methods to this?

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Re: track plan to baseboard advice

Postby Bufferstop » Wed May 24, 2017 11:21 am

Full size plans on rolls of lining paper.
Paper templates down loaded, copied, put a real point on the copier/scanner, flip the image if necessary.
Play trains with stock or paper templates.
Mark in platform edges
Blue-tac and pins are useful
Make your own curve templates with pencil and string.
Mark in dotted lines for the frame and cross-members.
Play trains again
Repeat until you are happy with it.
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Re: track plan to baseboard advice

Postby Ironduke » Wed May 24, 2017 12:19 pm

Last time I used a spray-on low tack adhesive. They are usually solvent based so they don't warp the paper.
Spray on the paper, not the baseboard (in a well ventilated area).
After sticking the sheets down on the baseboard I ran over the relevant lines with a heavy marker so that the ink bled through to the base board.
Then I cut and peel off the paper prior to laying the track. I suppose you could just leave it there but it doesn't enjoy the traditional method of ballasting.
The main problem I have with it is getting the printer to print things out at the right size. I use XtrkCad. I'm not sure how other programs handle it.

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Re: track plan to baseboard advice

Postby Michaelaface » Wed May 24, 2017 12:58 pm

yeah that's why I was thinking maybe card instead of paper as its a bit more durable and less likely to dissolve at the scenery stages, however I was also intending to use copydex, not PVA, for ballast, and also sealing it first

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