Nelevation issues

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Re: Nelevation issues

Postby fourtytwo » Sat Feb 17, 2018 6:59 am

Bigmet wrote:I would guess this puts a lid on the likelihood of an OO version anytime soon, as the order of magnitude greater moving mass that the larger scale implies will demand a mechanism redesign. I considered this type of device for my own OO application, and it became serious engineering that would need interlocked operator safety provision among other aspects: sufficient for me to realise it was out of scope as a DIY job.

I am sure a counterweight assisted version would be practicable in OO, the fact that the prime mover is the operator solving the interlock problem :) Friction prevents the moving mass getting out of hand on its own account! I am thinking along the lines of drawer handles both ends of each shelf for operating/moving and a small bolt attached each end to the fixed frame engageing a brass or similar plate on the moving part to provide locking/alignment. Getting 10 shelves maybe difficult according to the maximium length of drawer slides you can obtain, I only just about managed 10 in N. Of course some other means of a sliding vertical alignment may be possible. Definetly use bags of sugar instead of stock for testing like I did till your satisfied :) Thank you for your kind comment, nothing is impossible but it might take a few years!!
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