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Dapol HST additional coaches review

Posted: Sat Sep 24, 2011 5:36 pm
by alan_r
Well my two new standard class HST coaches for the Dapol HST have arrived (NC213A and B) in First Great Western livery :D
The quality is as good as those in the book-set.
I am not sure what I was expecting, but I feel the fact that they are sold as 'different' items is a bit of a disappointment. The only noticable difference is the running number which is microscopic. Also, they are both marked coach 'D' and thus both the same as the standard class in the book-set (the first class is coach 'G'). I was assuming that Dapol were slowly releasing a full set over time which once complete (2x1st, buffet, 4x2nd, guard) would create a full train A-H. I know this is a very small detail, but does seem to make multiple alternative coaches a bit pointless. Maybe one of the transfer companies will release a coach letter upgrade to remark to a full A-H?
I also found the boxes are very tight to the model, and on both I have popped the bogies out when removing from the box. I thought the idea of the boxes was to protect them not damage them! (mind this seems to be common with recent Farish boxes too, which tear when opened) :(

Does anyone know if Dapol are going to produce TGS guard coaches too in all of the liveries (BR blue, Intercity swallow and First Great Western)? [I have these as book-sets so am eager to make these up to full length trains too :) ]
I notice from Hattons' website, buffets will be available soon for BR blue and Intercity swallow - will FGW be included? Why is this advance notice available on the Hattons site, but not the Dapol one? :? You would think they would want to advertise forthcoming releases themselves! :roll:

Anyway, my advice to anyone planning to buy these extra coaches, is don't wait for further standard class coaches as they are indistinguishable, so get enough for a full train now. Hopefully the buffets and guards will arrive soon too in all liveries :)

I'll try to upload a picture of my set (never uploaded on this site before so fingers crossed). Quality of the picture is poor, as my camera in quite old, so apologies, but you get the idea ...

HST FGW2.jpg
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Re: Dapol HST additional coaches review

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2011 9:35 pm
I too was a little frustrated that all 3 of the coaches have the same letter, but considering the size of them, and the fact that you can't see them when they're belting along at a scale 125mph, i'm not too worried.

My boxes were the same, the foam insert is WAY too tight on the models. I may well take a knife to the top edge of the cut-out just to open them up a little more.

TGS and Buffet will be released in all liveries as far as I am aware, Dapol would have to be spectacularly stupid not to! I think the TGS is coming first.


Re: Dapol HST additional coaches review

Posted: Sat Oct 01, 2011 11:26 am
by Scruff
Dapol have said the buffet cars will be available around january/february. The TGS will follow after.