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Dapol class 58 with Sound

Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2011 8:34 pm
by 44007
Posted on the Model Rail Facebook page is this little beauty:

Can not believe they managed to pack everything into that body.

Re: Dapol class 58 with Sound

Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2011 8:52 pm
by Zunnan
Surprisingly its not that hard. The US market has had sound decoder and speaker sets small enough to fit into our own class 20 for a couple of years, all you have to do is reblow the sound and replace the PCB with the decoder, and in some cases a second speaker can be fitted into the diesel tank. The hardest part is rewiring the lights as you need to take into account the required voltage for the LEDs so need to wire in suitably rated resistors.

Re: Dapol class 58 with Sound

Posted: Tue Apr 05, 2011 1:11 pm
by 44007
Hi Zunnan

Not sure that it would be as easy as you suggest..... have you seen inside the class 58.... it is a tight fit just to get the body on let alone fit other things inside.

Re: Dapol class 58 with Sound

Posted: Tue Apr 05, 2011 2:04 pm
by Martin71

Great video and it shows outstanding weathering and what is capable in n gauge. I'm not going to say its easy or hard but if their is a quid to be made why dont any of the UK hobby shops add sound to English outline in n gauge? I know 1 had a good go at it and has decided no more. Others just simply say on their site we dont add sound to n gauge.

How many times have you read where person x y and z struggle to even install a small 6 pin decoder into an n gauge loco or "how do I remove the body" Have a go Zunnan maybe is will be easy for you.

I would suggest also look up the size of a loksound micro, plus the loco now weights more than the original tells me this was not exactly easy.

This might also help explain why it is easier to add sound to US locos. Besides the fact the sound decoders are smaller what stands out in this picture UK v US ... 627&nseq=1

Best of luck


Re: Dapol class 58 with Sound

Posted: Tue Apr 05, 2011 2:32 pm
by 44007
Ha, what a beast that Canadian loco is compared to the 66.... what with that photo and Zunnan's link to that American webcam ( on a different thread, I am beginning to get an unhealthy interest in North American railways.

Re: Dapol class 58 with Sound

Posted: Tue Apr 05, 2011 6:25 pm
by Zunnan
Yes I own a few class 58s, yes I've seen inside them. :wink:

How big is the PCB recess in the class 58? W12.48mm x L32.3mm x D6mm. Now, compare that to the Loksound Micro v4.0...W10.6mm x L25mm x D3.8mm, and theres a 23mm x 8mm x 4-5mm recess at the other end which could readily house resistors with easily made redundant channels built into the chassis for wiring runs being as it would make sense (there is little other choice) to hard wire. Theres even a big capacitor beneath the chassis block in the fuel tank that can come out giving you a factory provided wiring route there for a speaker. Looks like half the works been done to me. Yes, I have looked into it...but my first and most important issue is its a complete waste of money so I won't waste my time or hard earned on it.

The sound given off by speakers limited to N Gauge sized enclosures (and 00 to be honest) are absolutely pitiful in their reproduction unless the real thing has a predominantly high tone. This is why the likes of 2 stroke EMD and the HST will generally work although extremely tinny, while other diesels just sound naff and always will. As beautiful as the Mercig 58 is, the sound absolutely ruins it. The class 58 was like being passed by a rolling thunder storm, a smaller scale (00 and N) model will never get it right, and most of the video of them is taken using poor quality sound equipment so a true comparison is hard to find, THIS is one of the better ones. To put a visual spin on it, I would compare DCC sound in N to the likeness that the Lima N Gauge Deltic has with the real thing; it bares a passing resemblance if you squint your eyes really tightly and look the other way, but thats as good as it gets. I've had 'modellers' using their bragging rights on their sound fitted models before - 'mines better than yours, its got sound' and all that tosh. My answer, 'it sounds very little like how i remember them, here, listen to this recording I have of the real thing' which usually shuts them up if not their god awful models too. If that fails then I get my D&RGW F3 ABBA set out and show them what REAL DCC sound is about as it drowns out their rubbish whiney class 66 or similar, and every other locomotive on their tacky little shunting plank-cum-TMD. :mrgreen:

Also one thing is worth remembering is that US N scale locomotives are a smaller scale to that used for British N, much in the same way as H0 is to 00 only not quite as large a difference. I believe British N is 8.12% larger if I am not mistaken, being made to 1:148 rather than the US which is at 1:160. The internal width of many US models actually dictates a PCB width of ~11mm, the class 58 PCB certainly doesn't fit inside the Atlas GP7 (I've tried), and MRC do a drop in sound decoder for that model.

By the way, I prefer this photo as a comparison between 12":1' Canadian and UK motive power...