Whats the best shop to visit for N gauge?

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Re: Whats the best shop to visit for N gauge?

Postby [qifop] » Mon Apr 04, 2011 1:53 pm

Old topic,

My preferred shop is Addleston Models, Chertsey (15 mins from Heathrow & me!). Prices are less than RRP though no match for internet. But supporting local business and getting to look and test products is worth the extra. They are very helpful also. Proper old school model shop though you have to be prepared to "dig" for what your looking for (especially buildings).

Have a good range of buildings, scenics and rolling stock. Not much Dapol stuff though not sure why that is.

Otherwise as someone else mentioned, Gaugemaster but thats about 1 hour from me.


Re: Whats the best shop to visit for N gauge?

Postby Terrier » Mon Apr 04, 2011 2:48 pm

yep, Gaugemaster for me, i have two localish model shops that i visit from time to time and they have good N stock, or can order stuff if i'm desparate and rarely got enough money to splash out a bit, but Gaugemaster in Ford, is one of those places where you wish you had a bank account with millions in it. in fairness to other shops around the country, i've not really experienced a huge amount of other retailers, they are more than likely just as well stocked, helpful and alladin's cave like, but for me Gaugemaster is a sort of a Mecca. just need those 6 numbers to come in for me sometime, i'd happily hire a van and go try and empty their loco and stock cabinet of as much n gauge as could be crammed (safely) in the back. 8) :D

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Re: Whats the best shop to visit for N gauge?

Postby Martin71 » Tue Apr 05, 2011 2:19 pm


I like Hattons followed by Rails as they seem the the best for overseas customers. I would love to shop local, I really would, Perth or Brisbane. N gauge just doesnt seem that popular in Australia and the stock is terrible. I needed a class 66 in a hurry so on my way to the airport I stopped off at my local. I purchased a 66 and boy I was surprised when I opened it up. It had a 3 pole motor and the strangest wiring setup I have seen.

Lesson learned if you want the good stuff you got to wait.


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