eHattons re pricing on enquiry?

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eHattons re pricing on enquiry?

Postby centenary » Mon Aug 12, 2019 12:36 pm

Sorry for this gripe and if the mods wish to delete or move it, fair enough. Nevertheless, Im a bit hacked off at this and I guess the lesson to be learnt is, phone and ask rather than send an email query and risk the same happeningto you.

Im now operating on a budget since retiring so have to look out for relative bargains. Last night, I was reviewing some of Hattons used Bachmann stock, particularly Class 66s. After filtering through a few 'parts missing, not a good runner' examples, I came across what looked a nice if slightly not usual liveried used 66. The headline said it was even DCC fitted but the body of the description suggested it was DCC Ready.

Being a Sunday evening, I fired over an inform query asking for clarification and a couple of other questions.

About an hour ago, I got an email response confirming yes, it was DCC fitted and answers to my other question. The author also stated the price which was a lot lower than the advertised price shown on the site last night. I knew that was a mistake but, when I used the link they had provided to view the loco again, the price was now six quid more than shown last night and was expecting to pay.

OK, six quid isnt a lot in the scheme of things but it is still six quid and I think it is underhand to re price an item when it is the subject of an enquiry.

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Re: eHattons re pricing on enquiry?

Postby Mountain » Mon Aug 12, 2019 7:08 pm

I never forget the only time I part exchanged a car at a well known car dealer in Crosshands in Wales. The vehicle I was buying was a year and a half old. It was kept from me how many previous owners it had had! I became owner number seven. I had been promised £1000 for my old car in part exchange. When I was about to sign (I had to take out a loan with them via a seperate finance company) I realized that the origional price was back on it and they expected me to pay the full price AND sign my old car over. I complained and eventually they offered me £750 off which I felt pressureized to take as the loan had already been agreed to.

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Re: eHattons re pricing on enquiry?

Postby Bigmet » Tue Aug 13, 2019 11:54 am

centenary wrote:...OK, six quid isnt a lot in the scheme of things but it is still six quid and I think it is underhand to re price an item when it is the subject of an enquiry.

I don't believe their system is that well integrated that it can lock a price while an enquiry is underway. You have nothing to lose by asking for the price you originally saw it advertised at, which prompted your enquiry. (I certainly would in this kind of situation, and typically the response is positive - not restricted to Hattons.)

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