London shops

What do you want from a model railway shop?
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London shops

Postby Metroland » Thu Feb 11, 2016 3:44 pm

How many shops are left (if any) in central London or around the northern arc of the M25 please?

I'm near Watford, and only know Junction twenty models.

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Re: London shops

Postby jaym481 » Thu Feb 11, 2016 9:52 pm

Not many. Look here:

I've been to Wheels of Steel, Ian Allen and Northfields.

Ian Allen is very much a chain shop - neat and organized, decent stock but nothing used and prices around MSRP. Good selection of books, of course.

Wheels of Steel is a small shop in the antiques market near Bond Street tube station. Quite a lot of used models, some gems can be had. Cramped. Prices OK. Limited hours, and not always open in those hours (family health issues), so call ahread.

Northfields is not a shop for people, as it contains model train stuff. There's no browsing in the traditional sense, there is so much stuff in there, stacked on top of other stuff, in what appears to be confused jumbles, one cannot avoid interacting with the proprieter. Which is a good thing, as he's a real enthusiast, and a wonderful fellow to just chat with. He also seems to magically know where things are in his shop (sometimes he has to open a couple of boxes before he finds what you've asked for - so beware, you might see something you never expected or wanted to buy).

I think my bias may be obvious.

Of the three, Northfields is the one I always regret not having enough time to visit.

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