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Re: Model Shops I have been to...

Posted: Sat May 07, 2016 1:09 pm
by Lancastrian
georgehgv wrote:It seems that all the model shops I have visited treat the Customer like a spider views a fly in it's web! They watch like a hawk while you browse making you feel uncomfortable and if you dare to pick up a box to have a closer look they go into overdrive in case you are going to nick it or damage it. No friendly offer of help, are you looking for something in particular? etc. Geo
No on the contrary, the first time I went to my new local model shop that opened in 2011 I was treated with the utmost courtesy and friendliness. A mutual trust and friendship has now formed so much so when I go in now the kettle goes on and a cup of tea is brought to me, and I am left to browse as I wish. I have on the odd occasion been left in the shop on my own.

The shop Widnes Models. Full Marks All Round, if you are in the area well worth a visit. :D

Re: Model Shops I have been to...

Posted: Mon May 09, 2016 12:07 pm
by End2end
The model shop's I've been to and a quick personal synopsis of each.
Guagemaster - Staff let you get on and wander round. Not enough Bachmann selection compared to most others for my liking, although LOT'S of products on display and not end on so you can see what's in the boxes. It seem's they have almost EVERY guage imaginable upto G. OO Layout and other track setup's for your perusal :) Very few offer's (by the till). No second hand items. Lots of room to wander around with knowledgable staff but the shop feels somewhat clinical. Lots of free leaflets in the foyer of the shop.

The Hobby Box - Closed down. Crammed full of items almost so you couldn't get round part of the store if more than 3 customers in at the time. Did have the item I needed in stock though.

Rochester Models. - A large single storey shop that also covers Warhammer et al and have a large playing landscape for them in the shop. Lots of room to wander around. Friendly staff. Nice amount of secondhand items.

ScaleRail - Model / Book / Art shop so not a full on model shop and thus not so knowledgable on the finer points of modelling but friendly and let you wander around the somewhat smaller shop. Range limited for rolling stock but will always order in for you. Prices are more around RRP. Large range of Airfix models including the larger models in the range. No second hand items except some railway (not model) books. Oxford Diecast catalogues but not many free leaflets.

The rest of my items come from the good members here, Model shops via online ordering, toy/train fairs, car boot sales and ebay.

Re: Model Shops I have been to...

Posted: Mon May 09, 2016 12:20 pm
by b308
I can't say I blame the ones who check you out if they haven't seen you before. I usually find that after one or two visits and the odd purchase they'll just let you browse unwatched...

We all want the "open" feel with models put out so we can see and sometimes touch, just like a supermarket, but unlike the supermarket they have stock which is worth far more than some groceries and they don't have those alarms which go off if you wander out with stuff without paying...

A bit of give and take is required by us modellers, until they "know you" and can trust you then there will always be a little wariness, I, for one, can live with that in the smaller shops which I much prefer to the box shifter types...