Where are you.

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Where are you.

Postby Bufferstop » Wed Apr 26, 2017 10:57 am

When you first register you get a chance to enter your location, few people do. That's understandable as at that stage you may not know how much you want to divulge on the site, so the wisest course of action is just to stick to your ID name. Now we are a pretty friendly lot on here and most of us don't mind revealing our true name in our postings and other personal details, but there's one bit of information that doesn't get passed on. Where in the world you are. You don't have to say but it doesn't half help in making sensible recommendations, more to the point avoiding the ones that aren't. Like telling an Australian where in the UK to get Black Beetle motor bogies or Modratek lever frames.

So if you'd like to let others know where you are posting from fill in the location box on your profile page. It doesn't have to precisely pinpoint you. If you aren't in the UK just your country, if you are in the UK just the general area will do. You can make it as simple or as witty as you like. If you have never looked at your profile, click your username (RH side just bellow the banner), choose edit profile and fill in the location box.

Before you rush to do this, or even if you aren't going to, check that you have effective anti-malware software, because you'll always give away more than you think in the things that you post. It doesn't take a genius to work out that "a civil servant from Gloucestershire" who shows more than a passing interest in computers almost certainly works in that big doughnut shaped building with all the aerials
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