I tried to register but then nothing seemed to happen.

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I tried to register but then nothing seemed to happen.

Postby Bufferstop » Thu Jan 19, 2017 4:14 pm

Apologies if this has happened to you. We have to take precautions to prevent network bots and would be spammers using our site for their anti-social and even illegal activities. If you have tried to register you will have met our test for a person or a machine. If you get past that stage your registration will be looked at by an admin. From this point onward it is sometimes impossible, with the tools at our disposal, to separate the good guys from the bad.

If you are a good guy I repeat our apology, you need to make some changes, what they are you will have to work out for yourself, any further help from us would also aid the bad guy.

If you are a bad guy, unless you are exceedingly lucky you are going to have to make many more changes and work hard over time to earn the right to get past our filter. It will hardly be worth your effort, so bye, bye.

If it's all just a game to you, and you think you can win, why waste your time here, apply to GCHQ or your national cyber-security body for a job. Trying to pass their test will be a real challenge of your IT skills, with a well paid job at the end of it. Good luck.

John W.

aka Bufferstop

January 2017

PS Added 17 June 17
There's one piece of advice I can give to help you get accepted, -for the registration process don't use a VPN or an anonymous relay. We are offering you a chance to publish on our website, we have to have some way of finding you, just in case! Once you've been accepted you can make your posts as anonymous or hidden from outsiders as you like, we'll only use the details from when you registered in the most serious of circumstances.
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