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Welcome to New Railway Modellers Forum. Read the Introduction and Terms and conditions of New Railway Modellers model railway forum. Introduce yourself to the members in this section.
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Terms and Conditions

Postby saslord » Fri Nov 11, 2005 7:11 pm

Forum Terms and conditions


Bad language, offensive or inappropriate comments will not be tolerated. Anyone posting such comments will be warned and may be banned from the forum. The use of *'s, spaces, or numbers in an attempt to disguise inappropriate words is not acceptable.


Personal attacks on members will not be tolerated even when a member feels aggrieved or that such action is justified. Any member that has a problem with another member should raise the matter with either a moderator or admin.

Restricted Discussion Topics

The discussion of the following topics is prohibited due to there age restricted nature and there inappropriateness on a model railway forum. The list includes but is not limited to:

Sexual Orientation
Promoting an illegal activity

The discussion of the following topics is restricted to railway topics due to there likelihood to cause offence to members of the forum and there ability to result in arguments. The list includes but is not limited to:


Manufacturers & Retailers

Comments about a manufacturer or their products and retailers should be restricted to constructive criticism. So called manufacturer bashing will not be tolerated and post deemed to breach this condition will be removed at the moderators / administrators discretion.


Games that are seen to have no purpose other than to raise members post counts are prohibited and will be removed without warning. Such games include counting or word association. Games that are considered Constructive, Educational, Skilful or Railway Related (excluding word association) will be permitted at the discretion of the site admin.


It has always been the position of this site, not to allow commercial advertising within the forum. Links placed in the forum solely to advertise a commercial site is not allowed without permission from the site administrator. This is unless a member specifically asks for the web address (or other contact details) of a retailer that can supply a specific service or product that members have previously had experience of.

Picture size

Please post pictures of no more than 800 pixels wide. Pictures larger than this make the forum expand beyond the standard screen size of 1024 X 768. Excessively large images may be removed at the administrators discretion.

Picture Content

Explicit or inappropriate images will not be tolerated and will be removed by the site admins and Moderators. Persistent offenders will be warned and may be banned from the forum.

Avatars (personal picture icon)

Avatars must be either symbolic (eg logo, sign etc), or railway related. Avatars must not exceed 100 X 100 pixels in size (as its the article that should stand out). Any avatar, which is deemed not to comply with these terms, will be removed.


Signatures must be no more than 4 text lines high. Where a picture is used this is to be no larger than the equivalent of 4 lines of text. This is so the signatures do not dominate posts and to make topics more compact.


Overuse by forum members of existing smiles or additional they find from elsewhere can and will be removed. This especially includes oversized smiles, which are not allowed. Persistent offenders will have their accounts suspended.
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