Track Laying PIN or GLUE?

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Track Laying PIN or GLUE?

Postby RailwayRobbo » Mon Jan 10, 2022 2:36 pm

Hi guys.
Going to be track laying soon on Robinson Road and was wondering whether to use glue instead of pins.
With the layout being above the fiddle yard on PETERSDALE I'm guessing there could be a bit of vibration when putting pins in.
Anybody got any opinions regarding the pros and cons pins v glue?
If glue what type of glue would you use? Copydex seems to be a popular choice.
Thanks in advance.

Pete (RailwayRobbo)

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Re: Track Laying PIN or GLUE?

Postby Bigmet » Mon Jan 10, 2022 2:57 pm

I use plenty of drawing pins, not through but between the sleepers, to very lightly hold down the track while working on perfect alignment and running reliability. Once satisfied I use a dilute PVA solution (between 1 and 2 parts water to 1 of PVA) applied at the sleeper ends which once gone off is enough to tack the track to a ply base (at which point the pins are removed for reuse) until ballasting is complete; but also allows the track to be easily lifted for adjustment if 'second thoughts' occur ahead of ballasting.

All my previous ballasting has been secured by sprayed on very dilute PVA which sets rigid like concrete, except for one experiment to see if Copydex would work for me. It did! I plan to do more with Copydex and am very likely next time to also try tacking down the track with it ahead of ballasting, so any report of your experience will be of interest.

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