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Postby RogerVienna » Mon Apr 19, 2021 8:23 am

Hi, I am very very new to this and very old, so I have some fundamental questions. I live in Austria and due to Brexit it will be impractical to purchase mail order from the UK so, I guess I will go with HO entirely and not OO/HO. So first question is track. I am dismayed at the variety on offer so what would be the best to go with. I suspect PECO, which is available here but what profile? I am inspired by Little Wicket and the use of electronics so first I will build a straight with a siding and try to automate it. So next comes locomotive. Can anybody recommend an 060 in HO which is either DCC or DCC ready. Maybe a UK forum is not the place for HO but though I live in Austria my German is not up to resolving these questions. Many thanks

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Re: Startup

Postby kebang » Mon Apr 19, 2021 9:45 am

Hi, I live in the Philippines and try to model OO. Since the start of the epidemic I've ordered 2 parcels of railway stuff. Both of these were posted using the normal UK post service (one from 'Hattons' and one from 'End to End' another forum member) Both parcels arrived safely although delivery took almost 3 months, rather that the usual 3 weeks.
I use Peco sectional track (Code 100). This choice is rather forced on me as flexitrack is only available in 1 meter lengths and can only be forwarded by courier which more than triples its cost. I'm going to presume that you can purchase Peco track more locally and will be able to obtain flexitrack. In which case I would recommend code 80 as it is easier to cut and manipulate, although please be advised by other much more experienced modellers on this forum.

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Re: Startup

Postby Bigmet » Mon Apr 19, 2021 9:47 am

Welcome Roger. Wien definitely had at least one model railway specialist shop when I was last there in 2006, which if it still exists should stock all the catalogues, and have a lot of HO on display. Brands such as Roco and Trix will be a good place to start in HO for the locos and stock.

I like Roco, and they are an Austrian outfit so will be well supported. Take a look here.

Track, personally I would start with Peco's code 75 streamline; but once you have found a retailer, you are probably best advised to look at the options in HO set track systems to get yourself started. These are vastly more sophisticated than what is on offer from UK manufacturer's set track: ready ballasted, huge choice of curve radii, large selection of pointwork with integrated motors. If you want to get a layout going quickly, this is a good option.

And an English language forum that has HO participants: ... owforum=30

All the best with your plans.

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Re: Startup

Postby Mountain » Mon Apr 19, 2021 7:32 pm

In regards to track, it all depends what you are planning to run on it, as older models used to be made with larger flanges, which is why for most people who want to use either 00 or H0, and want to ensure they can run most model locomotives and rolling stock that they come across, I would use code 100 as it is rare that anything does not run on it which uses the same gauge. It also has the advantage that our (Here in the UK) trainsets and sectional trck systems are usually made with code 100 track.

Having said that, if one is going to stick to models with finer scale wheels, then here in the UK we would say to use code 75 track. Now with H0 being a different scale to 00, you will most likely find other railheights in use. In the USA code 83 (Or was it 82?) is very popular out there. If you are enjoying your electronics and just want the train aspect to suppliment your love of electronics, (So one just wants something nice to run back and fore), but one is not thinking of enlarging ones fleet of locomotives and rolling stock that goes behind it, then get something nice and finescale and use code 75 track or whatever finescale track which is popular where you live.

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