RMWeb forum joining???

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Re: RMWeb forum joining???

Postby stuartp » Fri Nov 27, 2020 11:14 am

[quote="D605Eagle] I have to say that the shite they have been spouting about KR models is beyond ridiculous especially as not one person there has seen any of KR's models in the flesh yet. [/quote]

Unfortunately the fact that nothing has appeared in the flesh yet may be the problem. They (forum admin) have history of having championed another start-up manufacturer in the most nauseatingly a***-licking manner who then promised much, expected the forum to do his research, delivered little bit and then bunked off leaving a lot of dissatisfied crowd funders and a couple of incandesant retail partners in his wake. For the period in which he was flavour of the month any criticism of his largely imaginary products or the naff performance of the few he actually managed to get to market was heavily moderated.

Having been made to look, frankly, complete muppets over that episode, I don't think they'll be falling over themselves to sanction members for pointing out that KR are announcing much, letting the forum pick up CAD errors, and producing nothing so far. I should point out that on current evidence I don't think KR are in any way comparable with the earlier charlatan.

I have mixed feelings about the place. I pulled all my workbench and layout content a few years ago over the above mentioned sycophantic love-in and the actions of one particularly vindictive moderator, now reduced to the ranks. My new layout thread is back on there largely because the three or four people who are/were actually interested in it are on there. There is a wealth of knowledge on there about both model and real railways but, just like the rest of the internet, you have to use your own judgement to sift the genuine experts from the bleach drinkers.

To back up Dad-1, part of the fall out of my flouncing off from RMWeb was that a few of us accidentally managed to set up our own forum which attracted a reasonable number of members and some quality content before we all got bored with it. Two very skilled modellers managed to get themselves sanctioned for being unable to play nicely.
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Re: RMWeb forum joining???

Postby Bigmet » Fri Nov 27, 2020 11:22 am

I would suggest that something the internet facilitates is aggressive and provocative behaviour without immediate consequences; and it turns out that there are many folk who enjoy that liberty, and exploit it to an extent they wouldn't dare when actually face to face and immediately identifiable. (There are of course some - and I have encountered a few in the flesh - who can get themself banned from any pub within days, and the like with many another social activity; but they are relatively rare. I expect they find the net too tame!)

Nothing to do with the hobby sector: you should see what comes in to commercial customer support operations. Couple of decades past I spent a couple of years on a cross industry panel defining some standards for this interaction. No one business wants to be the one that gets a reputation for being 'severe' compared to others, so it paid to work with competitors and comparable businesses to establish some common boundaries.

Among the model railway interest forums I have used, the moderation is generally well executed: enough rope is permitted for the incorrigible to thoroughly hang themselves, before too much collateral damage has occurred. But first some damage there must be, to justify sanctions: this has to be accepted as part of the 'rough and tumble' that goes with human interaction. It's an imperfect world...

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Re: RMWeb forum joining???

Postby collectors » Fri Nov 27, 2020 12:47 pm

Laugh, a friend of mine has a company that creates surveys for public opinion on different topics, some controversial some not He asked me if i wanted to do one & said to create some new accounts on places like facebook. He gave me the question to suite my age. The question was for sainsburys shoppers. "If you are between 60 & 70 years old & in very good health, do you get angry when the check out asks if you would like some help" This sort of question i thought was great. So i posted it on the Sainsburys Facebook page. Wow, unbelievable what i was called by at least 70% of the 930 replies.
Many, not far short of death threats. But in the end, we decided that 20% agreed that it was insulting & 70% wanted me lynched. The other 10% sat on the fence in disbelief or laughing.
I think with the internet there are many brave users that will insult others, but would not be brave enough to do it face to face. They just hide behind a keyboard.

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Re: RMWeb forum joining???

Postby Lysander » Fri Nov 27, 2020 10:20 pm

This topic commenced with a question regarding the difficulty which the OP was experiencing in joining RMWeb. It has since drifted into something of a free-for-all. I have commented in the past that the overall manager of the forum should sometimes have broader shoulders and not shoot from the hip. But it is clear that he gets beyond frustrated by some idiotic postings, too. It is a huge forum, there will be poor behaviour at times and it must be an absolute pain to moderate.

However, in a decade or so, I have never - ever- experienced what a number of posters here have reported. That doesn't mean that it may not have happened, but I look in there regularly and have seen little which matches this myself. My original comment about RMWeb being a valuable resource stands: I have found it hugely helpful with a number of projects and the criticism I have received has been constructive and welcome.

Now, each to his own - of course - but maybe this thread has run its course? Those who are interested in RMWeb should join and judge for themselves whether they like it or not. There is another model railway forum which I dislike intensely, but I keep its identity and my views to myself. I just don't think that forum bashing is either helpful or useful.

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Re: RMWeb forum joining???

Postby Stainsacre » Fri Nov 27, 2020 10:32 pm

Lysander wrote:I just don't think that forum bashing is either helpful or useful.


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