DC kits and boredom(old age)

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DC kits and boredom(old age)

Postby rejrob » Mon Oct 19, 2020 9:13 pm

Hi to all fellow modellers and firstly I hope all of you are well and keeping safe.Its been many months I think since putting in a pennyworth on this forum(not long enough some might say) It must be old age and being interned for the last six months ,with it seems, more to come, but I have not been able to build up enthusiasm for modelling of even entering the loft for a whizz round the track.I think spending a lot of time trying to complete a SR *W* class 2-6-4 loco finally broke me :oops: .Eventually after several months lapse its down to fixing the cylinders to the chassis and painting same.Having had a hiatus health wise which at the moment stops any climbing steps ,lifting, or any other heavy work(Which totally pees me off) i am hopeful some results will shew I am okay .Funny how the mind says *you can do it* but the body says *no* Having completed the thumper 6L some time ago i have been hoping to share some pics of it but me and cameras are not really compatible,as previously seen ,but the method using the site for transferring picci,s is i believe charging for the privilege which i am not happy with, hence no picci,s.I another subject, is DC kits still about or are things still * at some time in the future if i remember* stage.Any info would be very welcome.Our son a paramedic in Sydney is peed off as well as he cannot visit until 2022 and stated he would revoke his australian citizenship and return home, not a happy chappy but we do chat and Skype virtually every day, but not the same .Sorry about the misery story but hopefully we will all be back to some sort of normality soon All the best Ron
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Re: DC kits and boredom(old age)

Postby Bigmet » Mon Oct 19, 2020 10:21 pm

All the best for the outcome of your medical results, and recovery to full health.

It's a shame you haven't been able to to get much joy from your layout. I find operation very relaxing, and it helped fend off 'stir crazy' feelings during the lock down, as I could transport myself in imagination to childhood linesiding - the sun always shone back then!

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