Peco-Parkside-Modelmaster ???

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George Stein
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Peco-Parkside-Modelmaster ???

Postby George Stein » Thu Jan 02, 2020 7:48 pm

Modelmaster makes transfers for (many?) of the Peco/Parkside OO wagons. "Some" of the P/P wagons note that the kit now includes bearings, wheels and transfers/decals.

So. does anyone know (1) whose 12mm wheels Peco is including; (2) are the Modelmaster (mostly BR-era) decals the ones Peco is including and, thus, for the Big Four era is it time to snap up the Modelmaster PO wagon range before they are (?) discontinued? Confusing situation.

How do you guys consider "Powside" rub-down style PO wagon transfers??

BTW - Happy New Year to all of you regulars. I learn a lot.

North Carolina

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