A very Hornby Christmas...

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A very Hornby Christmas...

Postby Buelligan » Wed Dec 25, 2019 11:17 pm

Well finally the waiting was over, kids woke us at 5:30 desperate to see if Santa had been.

My youngest son opened a present first, a Hornby Thomas the tank passenger and goods train set. Middle son then opened his, a Hornby Flying Scotsman, with 2 tenders, in a nice box with a certificate. Then it was the turn of my eldest son, never seen him so happy, he got a Hornby Master of the Glens set. Then back to the youngest, his next present, a Hornby Gordon. And finally, for me, my wife got me a Hornby railroad Falcon (plus a driving experience in a classic GT40!).

All 2nd hand purchases, due to either being out of production, or far too expensive new. Thomas set was £50 on eBay. Gordon was unboxed and has cosmetic damage (not that my son has noticed) and was a relative bargain at £40, needed a bit of fettling to get it running, and new traction tyres. Flying Scotsman was the most expensive, £90 on eBay. Best bargain though, was the Master of the Glens set. Saw it advertised on Facebook for £70, asked if he'd post it and he said £75 posted!

None of them noticed, or they noticed but didn't care, that it was all 2nd hand, and all running lovely and smoothly.

Now to take them to the train shop at the weekend so they can spend a bit of their Christmas money.

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Re: A very Hornby Christmas...

Postby Puffingbill » Thu Dec 26, 2019 7:48 pm

Awesome what a great Christmas.
B Bear.

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Re: A very Hornby Christmas...

Postby rb277170 » Fri Dec 27, 2019 8:37 pm

Bringing them up well ! Magical days

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Re: A very Hornby Christmas...

Postby Mountain » Sat Dec 28, 2019 8:01 pm

Looking at the well known secondhand dealers and the amount listed as "Sold", it shows how many people in the hobby have turned to buying secondhand rather then new, and I can't blame them! The new prices are quite high just at the time where there is a squeeze in peoples available pocket money, and it is great that secondhand is valued as to be honest, it is a great resource of modelling materials be they locos and stock or anytthing else.
The concern is though that the manufacturers don't lose touch with their customers. I have seen some fantastic new models out there, but the prices are also so fantastically high it puzzles me who is buying the things? Fair play, they may be cheaper then if we paid a professional to scratchbuild one for us to that standard, but it is nearing the point when the professional may be close to scratchbuilding a small quantity of items at a similar price.

As I speak, my nephew is staying with us and he saw a kit free on my Railway Modeller. He wanted to build it and has done a great job. In his enthusiasm, he has wanted to scratchbuild a 7mm narrow gauge waggon. He made a start and was facing difficulties in how to attach the wheels, so to make it easier I gave him a plastic Dapol chassis to mount the plastic Hornby wheels on. He is building a body out of lollypop sticks and doing a nice job. He is having fun! Uhmm. I did say that I am going to be making a waggon as well. :) I had better start building! But it goes to show that one does not have to spend a lot of money to go modelling. Yes, there is some outlay, but it need not be a lot.

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