The Great British Model Railway Show 2019

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The Great British Model Railway Show 2019

Postby RailwayRobbo » Mon Nov 11, 2019 1:08 pm


Anybody else venture out and visit the above over the weekend? I went on the Saturday as this was the only day the shuttle bus was running.
It was a cheap day out for me. Train from Northampton then a reminder of what it was like to ride buses 50 years a go. LOL.
The venue seemed a little more roomy and less claustrophobic than the last time I visited.This was probably down to absence of any really large layouts and what seemed to be less people there. The dreaded bottleneck at the top of the escalator was avoided this time. It was really quite comfortable. I still think it's a totally unsuitable venue for an exhibition. They've still got the bottlenecks and crowding of those smaller rooms and the adjoining corridorswhich got quite congested. The layouts were easy to see and the exhibition was okay.
I took the 1F and a Bachmann 08 with me for Steve from Grimy Times to weather. I'm hoping to pick them up at Warley in a couple of weeks time.
I also bought my first item of Oxford Rail rolling stock, a weathered 7 plank NCB Internal user wagon. Not had it out of the box yet so can't comment on it.


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Re: The Great British Model Railway Show 2019

Postby Buelligan » Mon Nov 11, 2019 7:41 pm

I went, took the kids and met my Dad there. He left from Bristol, I left from Corby, and I was 5 cars behind him in the queue to get in!

Never been there before for an exhibition, but thought it was good. As you say, a little crowded in the smaller rooms down the 1 end. The room with the layout that had the Scalextric type of track on it too was especially crowded, in fact we were stuck in there for around 20 mins while we tried to work our way to the exit.

For the kids though, it was a brilliant venue, as they had a look around a few cars 1st, then saw the exhibition, then went back and saw the rest the cars on the way out. Highlight for me was the OO live steam setup, great to see them chuffing around.

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