Where we came from...

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Where we came from...

Postby b308 » Sun Jun 23, 2019 11:41 am

I think it's probably about time we reminded ourselves where we come from and what we do...

Most of us probably started with a train set from Hornby or Triang when we were kids, from the carpet to a solid board and then onward and upwards...

Or so we think...

But perhaps we just need to step back every so often and remind ourselves that however detailed and accurate we make our new layout it's still a train set and we are still "playing with trains" and not try to get above ourselves...

It's a hobby, let's enjoy it and admire and learn from what others have done... Whether it be that scale model like JimSW's or the more whimsical stuff that Emmetman did...

Please don't let us forget where we came from and lose the fun we had...

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Re: Where we came from...

Postby Mountain » Sun Jun 23, 2019 5:23 pm

I agree. Probably why I get so much fun doing something different... I could join the 7mm Narrow Gauge Society, which I am told is great... But would I then be more structured in my approach? I love the freedom of doing my own thing. Mind you, I would still do my own thing even if I joined....
I used to love 00 gauge and it is very good indeed, but I reached a point where I had become a little bored... As in the past, if you wanted certain locos you had to try to find the next best thing and adapt it to look something like the loco you wanted. I found this rather fun. However, things then progressed so rapidly where prototypes were suddenly available in model form in such detail, that one would refrain from attempting to convert something to another prototype because, as many found out... Their lovely conversions would soon be covered by one of the manufacturers... The joy and thrill of doing something different dissapeared for me.
However the fun part all came flooding back in droves when I changed to 7mm narrow gauge modelling and I had such liberation in adopting a freelance approach.. It is special!
I know that what I do is not the same for everyone because we are all very different.
I found finescale modelling frustrating, as I was never able to achive the desired effect. So when I started making the first loco kit in 7mm narrow gauge (0-16.5), I decided that I would lean on the side of a semi coarse scale approach, and it's paid off nicely! It has worked so well that I have to resist the temptation to add too much detail incase I spoil the effect!

But whatever scale or gauge and approach one has, most of all enjoy!
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Re: Where we came from...

Postby IAN1955 » Sun Jun 23, 2019 8:53 pm

This a very good post.

If the old (sorry not PC there, - mature) and the wise heads on this forum stepped back slightly, took time to remember their humble beginnings and marvel at what we you achieved and then think of the new enthusiast who needs a little help.

I for one is on a massive learning curve, I am 64.5 years of age and just started a from my living room carpet to this new huge venture, I have not touched a train set since the age of 12 so please have patience with us newbies

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Re: Where we came from...

Postby Peterm » Mon Jun 24, 2019 12:26 am

100% correct b308. On the two forums I most frequently use, there's very little conflict about train sets or model railways. Can't be said about all of them though.

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Re: Where we came from...

Postby windcutter9f » Mon Jun 24, 2019 3:26 am

I`ve just bought an ACEtrains Spamcan,gauge 0.My wife asked me if this was a five minute wonder,i replied that if it is,it`s a 75 year 5 minute wonder.My journey started with a s/h trix layout at about the age of 5 in the late 1940s which then turned into Hornby Dublo in the early 50s.The journy carried on through model boats & aircraft of which i discovered that i could get them up bu tlanding was whole different matter.In the early 1970sthrough to the mid 80s,i built a 5 inch gauge live steam loco.After having to move with my job,HD came to the fore again which then changed into a large N gauge layout which after getting too big to maintain on my own morphed back into HD 3 rail again.Having run out of projects on this,my thoughts turned to 0 gauge with the purchase of a DJH 7mm scale Fairburn tank kit which is constructed at the moment which brings me back to the spamcan.A whole new horizon waits.




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Re: Where we came from...

Postby Dad-1 » Mon Jun 24, 2019 9:27 am

Some 'Big' stuff there windcutter9f,

Funny I was never really a train enthusiast. I may have had a wind up tin-plate circle sometime in the late 1940's.
Had 3 rail Hornby dublo for Christmas some time in the early to mid 1950's, but I was always a road orientated
explorer on my bikes. That lead to cycle racing and later rally driving, was always an aviation enthusiast which
was the direction my model making went, early on all flying, later static detailed models.

I only came back to railways after I'd retired and yes, it's playing trains, and as an adult with a giant train set
'cos I could afford it. I simply can't understand those who think that it HAS to be a copy of a real location. WHY?
I have no gripe with anyone wanting to do their best, in fact I applaud it, but who has the right to deride any
other person's level of modelling ? OH IT'S SO INACCURATE, little or no signalling nothing like the real thing !!

MMMM, yes, SO much like the real thing, steam trains powered by electric motors. Even the devotees of P4, or
the cheap alternative EM are playing trains, 100% accuracy is impossible. Do what you enjoy, spend what you can
afford, work in the space that you have available and remember there's a lot of life outside the railway room.
Most of all enjoy the time you spend at your "Hobby".

Perhaps everyone should have to build a small layout that has 1 x Hornby 0-4-0 and just play trains !!!

Geoff T.
Remember ... I know nothing about railways.
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Re: Where we came from...

Postby Bufferstop » Mon Jun 24, 2019 11:30 am

If one builds a model of a real life station to perfect scale, then I maintain they are showing craftsmanship in their interpretation of the drawings for the original, just the scale ratio changed from 305mm:1ft to 4mm:1ft. Who in the world has 64ft in which to model a mile? The S&D modellers who created Bath Green park in a luggage van. There were individual bits of the modelling craft in the stock and the scenery, but taking up 64ft to do it was just engineering.
If they had fitted it into 24-30ft and still not needed to tell people what it represented then that is model railway artistry, a recognisable representation that has caught the essence of that now long gone railway.
Most of us are forced to compromise on length fitting the recognisable features into the space at your disposal is what turns the craft into the artform. There's a guy in Stratford upon Avon who has a model of the station as it was in 1947 which takes up two rooms knocked through in a typical terrace house. To fit in the whole of the length in Stratford he had to bend the two ends round. no one would have been bothered if he'd cut the southern end back to get it all in the visible section, but the level crossing where the line came out from behind the houses was a feature he wanted to include. So what did he do, modelled it in the curved end of the layout and made it visible through the front window, standing looking at the model of the crossing you can turn 90deg an look at the spot where it was. That's artistry.
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Re: Where we came from...

Postby Bigglesof266 » Tue Jun 25, 2019 2:01 am

b308 wrote:Most of us probably started with a train set from Hornby or Triang when we were kids, from the carpet to a solid board and then onward and upwards...


But perhaps we just need to step back every so often and remind ourselves that however detailed and accurate we make our new layout it's still a train set and we are still "playing with trains" and not try to get above ourselves...


Please don't let us forget where we came from and lose the fun we had...

You and I don't see eye to eye all that often B308, but I'm with you 100% on your thoughts so well expressed in this post. If it's a leisure pursuit or hobby and if we're not feeling some of the 'excitement and joy of the child' in what we do, it's time to reflect upon perspective, or perhaps even find a new hobby?

Whenever I tend to too pedantic about rivets these days, I like to watch Jame's Mays' Christmas special with him playing with his train sets with his guests which quickly brings reminds me why I really got back into model railway a decade ago in the first place.

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Re: Where we came from...

Postby sparkhill » Tue Jun 25, 2019 6:29 am

Like so many others I started with a three rail Dublo Train Set back in 1956, since then I have built Japanese, British and American N Gauge layouts, Aussie and American HO Scale and British OO Gauge layouts, I don't consider myself to be a very good modeller but I have a great time being involved in this great hobby.
Everything I have ever built is of a fictitious location so I guess I am a 100% freelance modeller, these days I operate on a restricted budget but still enjoy the hobby as much as I ever did, my love of small engines and short trains make it easier to afford.
No matter what ever I have done I guess I have always been a bit of a noncomfomist so try and do things that are unusual, my latest layout is an American HO Scale set up 'Rattlesnake Valley" its very loosely based on a National Park in the state of Utah called "Arches Park", still in its infancy with much to be done including spraying the entire layout with Matt Clear paint, once again small locos are used which have been converted to DCC, I guess cheap and cheerful would be the best way way to describe the way I model.

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Re: Where we came from...

Postby BrightonMan » Sat Jun 29, 2019 7:43 pm

Bufferstop wrote:a recognisable representation that has caught the essence of that now long gone railway.

Thank you Bufferstop, that totally sums up what I am trying to achieve on my layout. For me it's all about trying to capture the feel, the atmosphere and, as you say, the essence of the period I model.

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