Right locos for layout?

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Right locos for layout?

Postby OtleySteamer » Sun Oct 09, 2016 6:23 pm

I'm planning a layout very loosely based upon the Otley/Ilkley Joint railway (the disused rail line runs at the top of our garden).
I intend to set it around 1940. I've done a little research and got the Smith & Bairstow booklet on it.
Here's a list of locos I think were running in 1940. All the photos I've seen are black & white though.
Can anyone of you good people tell me what livery they were likely to be sporting (I hope its the green)?
Also which if any are available DCC RTR and from where?

LNER D20 4-4-0
LNER Class G5 0-4-4
LNER N8 0-6-0
lner sentinel steam railcar
LNER J39 0-6-0

Thanks very much.

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Re: Right locos for layout?

Postby Ex-Pat » Sun Oct 09, 2016 9:01 pm

I admire your prototypical intentions.

The only RTR I am aware of is Bachmann's J39, and which, at that time,would have been black livery with LNER numbering.

Hope you see it through!

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Re: Right locos for layout?

Postby Bigmet » Mon Oct 10, 2016 10:27 am

Likewise, that'll be a lot of work to bring off. Not just the locos; there is nothing in the way of NER design coaches or their distinctive wooden coal hoppers from RTR either.

You may have seen that a Q6 has just been released in RTR, that's the second NER design loco ever in RTR, following the J72 originating from the 1970s! There's a chance that Hornby might follow on with a NER wooden hopper at some point. The G5 build project will likely result in a RTR model being offered too. And on the J39 front, best wait for the new releases with a current standard mechanism. What's currently available has the split chassis, and while it is one of the better examples of the breed, I'd wait for 'better'.

There are good etched kits from a variety of sources, if there is an N8 available, that's the one to start with from the list of steam locos that don't have RTR; much the easiest layout of the three to build for a reliable running result. There has been a kit in whitemetal for the Sentinel steam railcar, very, very heavy, 'kills' power bogies. Better to scratchbuild a coach body, or hope for a 3D printed kit.

You'll find this site useful: http://www.lner.info/

Good NER contingent posting regularly and very good behaviour, the LNER, and its constituents before it, were railways run by gentlemen.

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Re: Right locos for layout?

Postby OtleySteamer » Mon Oct 10, 2016 11:47 am

Thanks for the replies.
As I have little funds at the moment I will have to wait a while anyway - I'm just at the stage of 'landscaping' the layout (I'll post that in the Layout Construction section. Its a long term project so no rush...

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