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Old Airfix kits

Postby Boxcar Willie » Sat Aug 20, 2016 9:13 pm

Greetings to one and all - I've not been here for some time due to the fact that I've been doing rather a lot of railway modelling and generally faffing about in my local club. All huge fun but I seem to have become something of a magnet for old Airfix kits. It started with the purchase of a Battle Of Britain class on E-Bay; I loved building Airfix kits when I was in the larval stage but had never built a loco. Then I discovered the Dapol kits in a model shop and set about building the pug, the Drewry shunter, the crane and a host of other stuff - the dockside crane and even the Dapol church put in an appearance.

Then a guy in our club was having a bit of a clear-out and gave a couple of kits for the club to build or sell. They had obviously been lying around for years and had no instructions; I was detailed to build them (both Evening Star kits) and built one mostly unpainted so that our resident air brush expert could use it as a demo model. The other one I built as a weathered and battered old 2-10-0 for a scrapyard scene. Believe it or not I actually got the motion to work on this one - even though it now just sits there on a layout with a flashing light in the boiler to represent the cutter's torch.

All very fine and great fun but now the same guy just gave me another one - this time it's another Airfix Spam can which has been fitted to a rather nice brass chassis that sports some nice Romford or Gibson wheels. All it needs is an X-04 motor and a bit of fettling, tweaking and swearing. Along with this he gave me yet another unbuilt Spam can kit.

I don't even model Southern Rail but now I've three Bulleid locos in various stages of assembly (or disassembly)...

These old kits are supposedly sought after by enthusiasts but I'd rather build them than see them sitting in a box on a shelf somewhere.

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