are we killing model railways future ourselves ??

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Re: are we killing model railways future ourselves ??

Postby NEvans » Mon Dec 31, 2012 11:04 pm

Essex2Visuvesi wrote:Just look at the RC car world, most of the big brands (Kyosho, Tamiya, Traxxas etc) now offer RTR cars of a reasonable quality. Something that they didnt do so much 10 years ago

I fly model planes, and it is cheaper now to buy a ready to fly job than make your own. The RTF are generally of a very high quality. In my dads day you made 2 or 3 through the winter to fly through the summer. Now you fly saturday, crash, throw into black bag while flying mates laughing, stop of at model shop on way home, evening swap radio gear etc over, ready to fly new one sunday ready to redeme yourself as Tom Cruise.

If you buy a plan or get one out of the mags, go study the quality of wood on sell, try out different glues, covering materials etc it is an expensive hobby. Similar to making your own engines/rolling stock. Again aimed at the adult market.
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Re: are we killing model railways future ourselves ??

Postby flying scotsman123 » Tue Jan 01, 2013 5:40 pm

i got taken up the wobbly ladder up to to the loft aged three by my dad with a small couple of loops, and some of his ancient stock; 2 pullmans (both different makes), 4 southern coaches (each coach a different make!), a joef engine that eventualy fell down the loft hatch and a BR "black engine" (that was what i called it anyway) with a smoke generator (i loved the smoke :D) now 10 years on that couple of loops grew into a layout with the ability to run four engines at once, and lots of stock that at least half of qhich i saved up with my pocket money and bought cheap at railway exhibitions or more recently on ebay. the scenery was still very basic, but i was getting the hang of modelling airfix by aged 7-8. now, almost 14, i have just built a summerhouse to hold my new railway, advancing into the murky dpeths of DCC. this will now teach my about electronics as well, i am still very interested in the hobby and doubt i will ever leave it completely. i have one friend who models airfix but that is it, and most of my friends, when they come round, i won't allow to play with my trains, bacause they are far to mad to do so, which is a shame, i nearly lost my "mallard" i got as it hurtled round a first radius curve on an embankment and nearly fell down the hatch! i think it may be slowly dieing, but the poeple who say that everybody had a train layout in the 70's are pretty wrong, my dad says he was the only person he know who had one. i still play computer games, and go out with my friends, but i manage to find time to do some modelling as well (you never know, i might actually have a layout to show off soon :D)
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