Are Hattons buying 'pre owned' off EBay to re sell?

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Re: Are Hattons buying 'pre owned' off EBay to re sell?

Postby centenary » Thu Apr 08, 2021 11:03 pm

Bigmet wrote:
centenary wrote:...The problem with EBay is the scalpers who buy up new pre release orders then sell for an inflated price on the platform...

But consider that this is only possible if there are customers willing and able to pay those inflated prices. These two go together like eggs and bacon...

The economically inevitable corrective mechanism is now clearly underway. Those businesses that are the source of these products will increase prices to what the market is proven to bear. Why allow secondary traders to take a large slice of the available profit? In the case of both Kader (Bachmann) and Hornby - both of which have managed large entries in red ink on their trading accounts in the recent past - it would be fair to accuse their respective managements of having been slow to grasp this opportunity.

I agree, it is a classic example of self induced inflation. Supplier produces a limit production run of goods to sustain a high retail price. Scalpers get in on the pre orders in the knowledge they are further reducing availability of a limited production run so can ask a higher price via auction sites. While there are always people looking for a bargain, there's also people who will pay the inflated price for a limited run product they initially missed out on. Pay some extra here, delay another purchase elsewhere.

Seeing their products up for sale at inflated prices, the supplier decides they'll have a bit of that and increase the retail price on their next limited production run item. And the scalpers get in again and we go full circle again. Net result, prices go up including 'pre owned.'

The obvious answer is for suppliers to increase the size of the production run but getting that number right is extremely difficult to predict, means a higher retail price cannot be sustained, probably doesnt encourage full take up of the production run and probably doesnt dissuade scalpers from selling via auction sites.

As with almost any item, lack of sales \ demand results in increased discount and reduction in selling price. That's probably the reason I got my BNIB sound fitted WCR Class 37 for £195, nobody else wanted one (the shop had 3 in stock).

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Re: Are Hattons buying 'pre owned' off EBay to re sell?

Postby CasperGriswoldBacon » Sat Apr 10, 2021 10:31 am

I'd imagine Hattons clean up on the pre-owned stuff given their site's footfall, the fact that they probably get offered collections with a high initial outlay but dead cheap if you sell them individually, and that people prefer to pay more off a "name" company so they have more (believed) comeback if its faulty compared to a private seller. If you've got those buying and selling conditions in place then why buy off ebay? That said its still pretty easy to buy stuff on Ebay and Facebook and make a profit off joblots providing you study the pictures carefully for damage and missing parts and price up what they're worth individually before purchasing.. Hatton still seem to charge big money for complete broken knackers though so maybe that's less of an issue for them:D

I basically fund the stuff I want through sales, so i'll buy something in a lot that I want and sell the rest. If there's duplicates to stuff I already have then I just compare them and flog the one in worse condition. After taking out the items I want, I think I've either mainly broken even or made a good profit in the last year which I imagine is what a lot of people with a budget try to do given the loopy prices. Best so far was buying 19 coaches for 69 pounds, kept 7 and sold the rest for 80 pounds. Also picked up a load of parts for £29 and I've made £40 profit on them so far.. Biggest loss is currently around 40+ pounds so far on a £150 collection but that loss was a loco i wanted where even parts for it can get to the £40 mark on ebay.

Obviously if you're buying stuff a couple of years old or less that are in demand, then sellers have you over a barrel I guess. Just wait 30 years is my advice :wink:

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