Hornby in the news today

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Re: Hornby in the news today

Postby GWR_fan » Thu May 17, 2018 9:14 am

I have two Bachmann models and the temptation level to update is a big fat zero. Only the latest, greatest and more expensive crowd will be tempted in the main.

There are numerous models that I will not purchase for various reported defects or running issues like brass wheelsets on various Heljan models. As a fan of the GWR I would have liked a trio of the 42XX/52XX and 72XX family, but was not willing to get a design clever model and even apparently some of the later release model numbers still had square axle cutouts in the production run so I decided not to tempt fate.

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Re: Hornby in the news today

Postby D605Eagle » Thu May 17, 2018 11:29 am

My 72xx has not worn well in the chassis department. Its got very sloppy axles now. However it still runs okay except its starting to crab ever so slightly around curves. From what I've heard, the later ones with proper axle bearings do run loads better though.

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Re: Hornby in the news today

Postby Bigmet » Thu May 17, 2018 1:18 pm

GWR_fan wrote:...There are numerous models that I will not purchase for various reported defects or running issues like brass wheelsets on various Heljan models...

With Heljan I got so lucky. Didn't buy their 'Tubby Duff' because for all the good features of the drive line in particular, it just didn't look right, the overwidth problem. (I have long had a fixed objection to models that clearly don't look like the prototype as 'not a model'; and unless a simple fix is clearly possible and within my skillset, I just don't buy.)

Then I had to wait for a decade before they finally got around to subjects that suited my modelling interest. By that time they had moved to nickel-silver wheelsets, and they are all good renditions too; 15, 16, 23, 26/0.

Of all the OO I own, the crankiest locos by far to date have proven to be the Hornby Stanier 8Fs. There are inaccuracies to fix, the poor electrical arrangements and both inaccurate and unreliable pony truck have to be altered, the motor mount is weak (same underlying design error as the T9) and has needed upgrading, they are short of traction and difficult to get anywhere near heavy enough; and the most serious visible defect requires a complete new drive line.

Yet complaints on line are negligible! Bachmann and Oxford got a pasting for visible intrusions of gearboxes or motor mounts in the under boiler space. The 8F has five scale feet of solid gearbox casing where there should be airspace (I think you would have to sum the equivalent intrusions of at least two Bach or Oxford models to equal it) and then to top it off in clear view there is a large spinning gear shaft end visible both sides in the middle of it. Hornby couldn't be bothered even to line it up with the sandbox fillers which would have concealed that aspect at least. But this is all apparently of no concern. In the model's defence it does capture the overall look of Sir William's very competent design...

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