Two tiny layout plans, evolving one from another

Any questions about designing a model railway layout or problems with track work.
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Two tiny layout plans, evolving one from another

Postby jimread » Tue Nov 03, 2020 11:07 am

Hello all,

I'm planning a new small layout and set out a few parameters for it; a reverse or kick back siding, all on one board, built in controller, interesting shunting

This was the first idea with two traversers, and the stock on the upper traverser roads, so that I could get to both ends to pick stuff up to service sidings in both directions.

After a few weeks and constantly thinking about Colin French's "Foxbile" layout:

I came up with this simplified version, only one traverser but still able to get both sidings serviced, one wagon at a time and if I can get it to work some rope shunting, to swap one wagon from one side of the layout to the other.

Cheers - J

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