New Layout idea not yet in planning stage

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New Layout idea not yet in planning stage

Postby Sjay » Sat Oct 24, 2020 12:24 pm

Hello all, long time no posting.

15ftx9ft Out and back North Wales

So this is currently at the proposal stage as the final amount of space is not clear. But this is what I am thinking. As you can see from the names it's based on north Wales line, the red & Yellow are the mainlines running into Hollyhead (Here named Holywell) with a aggregate/cement works based on Church Yard at St Pancreas. The Green line is the local services and goes one to a fictitious Caernfon and on connecting to Porthmadog.

It is intended to be run as an out and back arrangement with the storage and return loop under Bangor Junction. Obvs the whole thing is made up and I will be running HST cross country services, Voyagers from London, the push pull class 67 set in Arriva trains wales as well as services to Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham (The idea that the proposed investment by the Welsh government has already taken place to it's fullest extent).

The Caernfon line extends to where ever I feel like, docks, oil terminal, container port so I can run what ever freight I fancy with 158 DMU's running passenger services (Maybe HST Cross country serivce?). I do have some concerns about reaching across to the far corners of Church Yard and Holywell station, so lift out sections will be needed.
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