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First attempt, any advice?

Posted: Sun Feb 19, 2012 10:22 pm
by mjrennie
OK, new to the game after a 30 year break from a layout in the loft as a lad.

I've attached a plan that I created using Anyrail. Essentially, the room is 12ft x 12ft. I've gone for a lower deck incorporating 4 lines. There will be 1 incline per up/down slow lines to access the upper deck and the large mainline station, denoted by the strips at the bottom of the layout, ie, where the door is. These will be rising a maximum of 4 inches over 8 feet, which should be OK, I think. I have absolutely no idea if it would work, none whatsoever! Any tips would be great. I plan to go full-on DCC with sound, perhaps 10 locos, all BR blue circa 1976. Deltics aplenty.





Re: First attempt, any advice?

Posted: Sun Feb 19, 2012 10:27 pm
by mjrennie
I know I need some more points on the lower deck, so that trains can get back on to the right line for access to the upper deck. It's the sheer practicality of getting the track to be wired properly that I ma most interested in. Oh, and my wallet. I am figuring on about 3k tops for the lot, rolling stock included. To start

Re: First attempt, any advice?

Posted: Sun Jun 03, 2012 10:40 am
by kristopher1805
OK lots of issues here. My layoput is a similar sort of idea, a 4 track roundy on the lower level and a twin track on the top, I then have that top level running two gradients which pass along the back of the station so I come up one side onto the top level and down the other both ways.

1. The gradients are at 1 in 33 so for 132mm top level you need 4 metres of ramp, you'll here a lot of rubbish about gradients, mine work fine but really anything less than 1 in 30 is difficult, modern steam outline locos have no trouble at this grade. So next is to decide how high the upper level is, at 132mm it is still difficult to get in the hand of god over the stacked locos to recover crashes and other issues but I used this as it the height of the Metcalfe viaduct and I have a triple length viaduct as a feature.

2. 80mm is the Hornby height (Do you spot lack of gradients in Hornby catalogs) so even at this level which is about as shallow as you can go even so the ramp has to be 2.4 metre long for 80mm and there is no chance for the hand of god, so if you need space then 150mm is the necessary height. Also the tunnel mouths will be higher than the upper board!

3. Do not bother with R1 at 371mm radius as this is too tight for most locos locos so loops R2 to R5 are needed, the 67mm centres are required to clear coaches between tracks and here the curves on the corners being tight are best formed using pre set curves from Hornby/Peco. The alternative is a mess!

4. R5 needs to be formed from the R4 so you will need a Peco red track gauge.

5. Your upper level seems to cover the lower totally although this may be just the plan? care is needed here as you want to see as much as possible of the lower lines covering up these makes it an underground system, getting the ramps to fit in the correct spaces is an issue as are the curves.

Anyway you'll like it when its finished.