oo garden railway under construction

Discussion on OO, and O gauge garden model railway design and construction. (scenery, track laying, electronics)
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oo garden railway under construction

Postby Hoagy1 » Sat Mar 28, 2015 12:03 am

Hi. Anyone have thoughts on useing car door lock solenoids for outside point operation. Their fully waterproof 2wire 12v DC.

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Re: oo garden railway under construction

Postby Emettman » Sat Mar 28, 2015 7:40 am

Hello and welcome!

That sounds hefty, but workable.
What current is needed at that 12v, even if only momentary? You might need significantly heavy cabling to avoid problems with voltage drop if there's any real distance involved.
The other issue would be gearing the throw. An "S" slit mechanism I suspect would do best, so there is no thrust *at* the point, and no need to limit movement.

I only had OO electric points in the garden for about 18 months (house move intervened) but had no trouble with Peco point motors mounted above board (with extensions to lineside huts and buildings as required) fed by a 16v CDU.
The huts were not sealed tight, but inside them the peco unit, well sprayed with WD40 stood on a 2mm plinth with an adjacent drainage route.
(slope or hole)
I can't give you a survival record for more than 18/12, but they worked for that long, trouble free as far as the point motors went.
(Bits of blown leaf etc fouling the point-blade movement, that was something else!)

On my more recent G scale garden railway I've used mechanical (plastic) wire in tube point control, for runs up to 12 ft.


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