Accurascale mk2b coaches

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Accurascale mk2b coaches

Postby Bigmet » Tue Aug 31, 2021 10:22 am

Now here's a 'gap filler' introduction from BR's wild adventure in moving beyond steam era design coach stock. The mk2 design was introduced in maroon livery, and was hauled around parts of BR's system in trains with a steam engine on the front, and was then 'evolved' progressively in versions 'a' up to 'f', and I still cannot tell them apart on sight.

Whatever, Accurascale have plans for the 'b', ideal for those whose BR modelling involves filthy green SYP diesels, and faded BR blue diesel and electric traction. They look expensive and certainly won't be cheap, but for those who want a realistic Drone, Duff or Whizzo hauled 1970s train, pretty essential... ... ccurascale

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