The Badger, class 89 from Rails of Sheffield

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The Badger, class 89 from Rails of Sheffield

Postby Bigmet » Wed May 20, 2020 9:18 am

Rails of Sheffield are continuing their programme of model introductions, and are going after the class 89 prototype, but with a twist. What they are looking for is expressions of interest to gauge whether the regular appearance of this item on the annual most wanted surveys actually has a viable number of customers behind it.

The manufacturer is to be Accurascale, whose first UK OO loco we have yet to see, but already have an impressive list of EE type 5 Deltic (class 55)
EE type 3 (class 37) and class 92 announced (and have shown a very impressive EP of the Deltic). Apparently there are some synergies between the 92 and the 89, which will help the model development if it goes ahead. The specification is for a first class job all around, 4 liveries.

So there it is. If this is one you have always wanted for your layout, you can put your hand up for it!

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Re: The Badger, class 89 from Rails of Sheffield

Postby Chops » Fri Nov 13, 2020 8:23 am

I do wish some of these upstarts would give consideration to first generation steamers, like the Planet, for one. Does the
world really demand another class 55? I mean 89.
Nessie rocks!

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