Would like some help identifying Ks johnson 0-4-0? Peco wagons

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Re: Would like some help identifying Ks johnson 0-4-0? Peco wagons

Postby joshv8 » Fri Sep 06, 2019 1:31 pm

Lysander wrote:Peco Wonderful Wagons are part of our model railway heritage although much snubbed today, sadly. Who else in the late ‘50s supplied models with accurate liveries, sprung buffers and a crude but functional form of compensation?


Im really quite impressed by them, while not in use I have sat the wagons with the 0-4-0 in our display cabinet. A fitting place rather than that musty old cigar box. I have however neatly placed the box away haha. Thankyou for sharing the photos of the other wagons and adding them to the thread. People like myself who were not quite so familiar with them can see them now!

Dublo if you do decide to buy any I dont think you would be dissapointed. To me the quality of them holds up nearly as well as anything produced today.

Bufferstop is right about the couplings being problematic though. And they're so long that they just touch the sleepers on the code 100 track as the rail height is lower than the old track. I cant bring myself to change couplings however, they will do just fine in the display cabinet or sitting in a siding rather than chopping up what is as Lysander put, part of our model railway heritage.

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