Atlas Editions Class 66 £12 from Hattons

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Atlas Editions Class 66 £12 from Hattons

Postby Bufferstop » Fri May 11, 2018 2:39 pm

There's an Eddie Stobart fan in this house so Eddie the Engine for £12 couldn't be missed. It's an Atlas Editions special which Hattons are selling off at £12 rather than £29.99 which I definitely wouldn't have payed for a display only model. I'm a bit wary of dealing with Atlas Editions when they advertise direct sales, I've read too many horror stories of Inertia selling and strong arm demands, but Hatton's I'll trust. Here s Eddie posing on my layout


I haven't checked any measurements but it looks the part, maybe rides a little high on the bogies, I've never been close up with one at rail level to be sure. Getting it off the plinth that it comes attached to was fun. They use screws with a pyramidal slot in the head, never seen a driver that would fit it. Thirty seconds with a slitting disc converted them to conventional screw heads. The wheels look as though they might run but the bogies are held together by inset versions of the same screw, and they need to be loosened up if it's to stay on the track. They've thoughtfully equipped it with hookless tensionlocks which appear to be in NEM sockets but are in fact just solid plastic. I would say the design of the tooling has been done by copying from someone else's model as the underside of the coupler replicates the appearance of a normal one. If it can be made to roll it would look good being pushed ahead of the train loco as if it were a Thunderbird, or trailing along on the tail end of a steam special.
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