Graham Farish Black 5 restoration

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Graham Farish Black 5 restoration

Postby MHF » Tue Jan 10, 2017 1:04 pm

I'm trying to get my brother's old 1950's set alive. The tender drive runs fine but the loco needs a pair of new friction tyres and is missing the front bogie set of 4. Can anyone advise where I might source tyres, probably a 'will fit' solution, given the age? Also, regarding the front bogie, I have 2 queries--if anyone has this model, could they kindly sent me a pic as I am guessing I might need to make a replacement (unless there is a site where 'graveyard' train bits and pieces can be bought). Secondly, is the bogie trunnion fixed relative to the chassis or does it have a pivot of some sort to allow for track following? Thanks

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Re: Graham Farish Black 5 restoration

Postby Bigmet » Tue Jan 10, 2017 1:44 pm

There are definitely no spares readily available, GF got out of OO a long way back; and I don't think there was ever any great volume produced either. No owners club that I am aware of. (As a child of the fifties, I knew H-D, Triang, Trix, Playcraft as makers of OO, but Graham Farish OO never swum into my ken.) It does have a reputation for being pretty fragile if used. As I think you realise the front bogie has to be able to move freely relative to the driven wheels, it will not simply have a fixed pivot. A common arrangement of the time was a fixed post on either chassis or bogie, and a transverse slot in the other component, allowing both pivotting and side to side movement of the bogie.

Your immediate best bet is having the patience to trawl the internet with searches looking for others with information. You will have to be patient too, as the net wil be awash with references to Graham Farish n gauge, and OO Black fives by 'everybody'. A s/h dealer might provide clues ('Wheels of Steel' in Central London one that comes to mind as carrying a very mixed stock including older items last time I was there) and there may be similar dealers at some toy fairs and exhibitions, but I cannot provide any guidance beyond having seen a couple such most recently at the Alexandra Palace exhibition that typically occurs in early spring.

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Re: Graham Farish Black 5 restoration

Postby mossdp » Tue Jan 10, 2017 5:13 pm

Conact me by private message for details of person who holds many Graham Farish 00 spares and has even had parts remanufactured for them. Travtion tyres may be difficult to find as the originals perished and I am not aware of any specific for this model. However a tyre for a similar sized wheel for another model may work even if the cross section width is smallet.

Although last produced circa 1953, there are still many of these models to be found as there was not many different models on the market then and that meant that what was produced was made in large quantities.

These models often suffered from metal fatigue on the cast parts. On the black 5 it was often the gear mount at the front of the tender, front bogie, or loco body. Should be obvious by now if any parts have suffered as will have cracks all over or already missing as crumbled away. There are reasonable numbers of models that can be used for their other spares that come up for sale where some bits have falken apart.

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