Steam loco choice ?

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Re: Steam loco choice ?

Postby Bigmet » Mon Aug 30, 2021 3:20 pm

I had the chance to admire Bachmann's MR 0-4-4T yesterday, a friend's purchase and very good indeed, both looks very well and runs beautifully. (Having caught a glimpse of the NER G5 0-4-4T in a recent Bachmann video, I have hope that will be to the same standard.)

Between the Sentinel and MR 1F for goods, and the LNWR 'Coal tank' and now the MR 0-4-4T, there's now a useful group of small tank engine power for an LMR modeller with a South Midlands layout, that have arrived since this thread was started in 2010: much better than 'here's an MR/LMS 3F Jinty, and that's your lot' that was the available small RTR OO back then.

Overall, I feel the Southern half of England is now decently served for smaller steam models; still some significant gaps, but much improved over the very limiting selection of just ten years ago, and the new introductions all produced to a very good standard. Will there now be similar progress in increasing the choices for Northern England and Scotland? Quietly optimistic with the L&Y 2-4-2T and J27 and J36 0-6-0's released, and the G5 and 812 to come.

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