Peco - yes Peco! - better OO track

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Re: Peco - yes Peco! - better OO track

Postby GWR_fan » Sun Nov 12, 2017 9:36 am

b308 wrote:Finescale people don't tend to use sharp curves, GWR, so for an initial launch of points for a "finescale" range the large ones seem a perfectly logical choice...

How many layouts use large radius points in sidings and goods yards? One would need a very large layout if they did. It is prototypical to use smaller radii points in industrial sidings, etc. As I referred finescale to large radius points then your point seems superfluous. Also, I feel that a larger market exists beyond the finescale modeller.

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Re: Peco - yes Peco! - better OO track

Postby Bigmet » Sun Nov 12, 2017 1:08 pm

If these points sell well, Peco will almost certainly offer an equivalent to the medium radius point among other items. I doubt they will go for the small radius though, as it won't look so well in this format. Really the 'medium' is a good representation of a confined yard point, the sort of point found in yards restricted to shorter wheelbase six coupleds and smaller.

I am hoping for some far closer to protoype running line points with 6 degree crossings...

Richard Lee wrote:...This might seem surprising to some, but I actually like operating my points by hand...With the Peco ones I have linked them to little slider switches that control polarity of the frog. I could do something similar with the new ones, but it can be a bit of a faff getting things to work smoothly, particularly on an extruded polystyrene baseboard.

No surprise to me. Other than points in the running lines which are ultimately to be automatically switched by route selection programming and thus need motors, my layout is planned for manual point change using slide switches and push rods. You have to be present at a yard to operate it, and pushing and pulling a bank of swiches on the layout front is far and away easiest when shunting a yard or moving locos around a shed. And it is cheap!

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