HST car numbers

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HST car numbers

Postby lickeyjunction » Sat Jan 15, 2022 4:32 pm


I have two sets of Swallow livery power and dummy cars.

I have 43072 and 43051 on both sets.

Were other car numbers produced to avoid duplicates please?

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Re: HST car numbers

Postby Mountain » Sat Jan 15, 2022 5:22 pm

Not sure as my HST in that livery shares the same numbers, but I do have a pair that have the slightly earlier "Exclusive" livery and during the Swollow livery days it took a few years before all the sets had that livery.
I noticed how with HST's that operated into Wales from Paddington, that the powercars were painted first and then the buffet coaches and then later the other coaches, and it was common to see mixed formations of liveries. This is due to when they overhauled them one at a time they were given the new livery, and the very last loco to be overhauled would skip a livery and be the first to be painted in an all new livery... So the first HST powercar to get the swollow livery was the very last survivor in the B.R. bluelivery if that makes sense? This continued right up to fairly recently when they took the HST off the Swansea to Paddington (Or Cardiff to Pad) service though under FGW who took over from B.R. Incidently, when I started working on the railway in 1998, many HST's were still in their swallow livery and they had only just the year before repainted the last of the very similar looking exclusive liveried versions.
While one could see complete formations all in one livery, or mixed liveried formations, one would never ever see complete liveried HST formations of different liveries at the same time unless of corse they were owned by different companies.
So if modelling HST's one would never see for example, a complete B.R. blue grey set sitting in a station alongside a complete exclusive liveried HST set if that makes sense?
One would see a mixed B.R. blue/grey and exclusive liveried set stahding next to either a complete Blue/grey set or a complete exclusive liveried set depending on year, but never apart from the very rare event of a promotional photograph would one see complete sets in different liveries next to each other. Apart from when they were first introduced and for a number of years when they were all blue grey, it was actually more common to see mixed livery HST's then it was to see a formation all the same livery, so decide if you are modelling in the era when Swollow livery was coming in, or Swollow livery was going out to get the right mix of liveries to follow.

I add this so you can bring an element of realism to your HST sets. :)

Here are what I have going spare as I am now concentrating in 7mm narrow gauge instead.


Sadly the swollow livery numbered version are the same as yours.

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Re: HST car numbers

Postby gppsoftware » Tue Feb 01, 2022 3:08 am

I think by 'exclusive livery' you mean 'executive livery' ?

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