Hornby Castle TTS chip

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Hornby Castle TTS chip

Postby bob hughes60 » Mon Oct 30, 2017 12:46 pm

I bought 3 of these and retrofitted into 2 Hornby castles no problems.
I then tried fitting a third into an older Hornby Dapol castle- Winchester castle to be precise.
With the 8 pin plug attached I found there was insufficient room in the tender so I cut off the plug and soldered extension
leads to the grey,black,red and orange leads to go to the "ringfield" motor in the loco body.
As the speaker has a magnetic rim it sits on the tender weights quite firmly.

The leads were then passed through the gap where the 2 hooks of the drawbar assembly fit.
I soldered the leads in place, put the loco body back and tried it out.
There was a problem on my NCE Powercab with the loco becoming obviously jerky at about 70 on the speed setting.
Having read the information slip I then altered CV 150 from 0 to 1.
This utilizes another algorithm. No jerkiness at the setting of 70 with this speed setting!
No doubt more experienced DCCers can tell me about other CV settings to achieve the same effect.
I hope this information proves useful.
Bob Hughes

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Re: Hornby Castle TTS chip

Postby dubdee1000 » Mon Oct 30, 2017 11:48 pm

CV 151 and 152 are often not what they should be

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Re: Hornby Castle TTS chip

Postby RAFHAAA96 » Tue Oct 31, 2017 9:51 am

These algorithms change the PID (Proportional-Integral-Differential) decoder characteristics applied to the motor and they are fairly well explained in every TTS manual (leaflet).
CV150 = 0 is a non-linear speed curve (algorithm 1) and CV150 = 1 is a direct linear curve (algorithm 2).
CVs 151 and 152 alter the P & I of algorithm 1 and CVs 153 and 154 alter the P & I of algorithm 2.

Just to add to the confusion CV10 (BEMF) also affects how a motor responds and this is used by the TTS decoder to change the sound as a loco accelerates (pulling) or decelerates (coasting) until speed matches throttle setting.

By fiddling about with these values you can either improve a motor's running or really muck it up. If the latter then reset the decoder by writing value 8 to CV8 for a full decoder reset or if you have just messed up the sound side of things then write value 5 instead.
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