Hornby Rocket

Discuss Hornby Model Railway products and related topics here. This includes (Lima, Rivarossi, Jouef, Electrotren).
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Hornby Rocket

Postby oldChadders46 » Tue Oct 10, 2017 2:13 pm

I am working towards laying some track on a flat area in my garden specifically and solely to run a Hornby Stephenson's Rocket. From the point of view of longevity and stability I am not too keen on the original plastic system sold for this engine, so I am thinking of making my own track, in the form of a straight with a turning circle at each end, with an automatic electrically control set of points to control entry nd exit to/from the turning circles. Can anyone advise me of the minimum radius curve that this engine will tolerate.

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Re: Hornby Rocket

Postby Mountain » Tue Oct 10, 2017 3:03 pm

Not sure as I've never had one, but I would imagine the Rocket would turn far sharper then other locomotives of the same scale and gauge. The best I can say is it is a matter of trial and error, which is not what you want to hear as you have to make your own track. Making track should not be too difficult. Pointwork may need some more thought, though once you have learned how, things start getting easier the more times you do it. Regarding controlling points, electrically operated via a motor drive or via air or mechanical means are the usual methods and for automatic operation, electric operation may be the best option. I was chatting to a guy from the Model Railway Electric Group on Sunday at a local show and he was showing me servo point control with the electrical side. I can't pretend to know how the electrics work and what tells the servo to stop etc, but it is something you could look at or ask advice from the group?
I should imagine there should have been many in the past who have made track for the larger Rocket. Is there anything on YouTube? I seem to remember something I saw somewhere on that site.
I hope you have every success in your venture. :)

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Re: Hornby Rocket

Postby Bigmet » Tue Oct 10, 2017 4:36 pm

Do you have a sample of the plastic track curves sold with the loco? I know from appearance that the radius is very small for 3.5" gauge, it might be about 30". Whatever Hornby used, you can be pretty sure that radius is about the minimum the model can reliably tolerate, Hornby will have gone for as small a radius as they thought feasible. (In 3.5" gauge, scaling an ultra sharp 4 chain radius curve - the sort of thing that was dock shunter territory with dead slow operation and much squealing of flanges - would produce a radius of around 16 feet or 5m.)

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