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Hornby 2008 Information - Skalescenics

Hornby Model Railway Accessories 2008 Hornby Model Railway Train Packs 2008 Hornby Model Railway Steam Engines 2008 Hornby Model Railway Diesel Locomotives 2008 Hornby Model Railway Passenger Coaches 2008 Hornby Model Railway Wagons 2008 - hoppers, flatbed, mail, parcel, van, sealion, guards van Hornby Model Railway Railroad Range 2008 Hornby Model Railway Thomas and Friends 2008 Hornby Model Railway Skaledale 2008 Hornby Model Railway Skale Lighting 2008 Hornby Model Railway Skale Autos 2008 Hornby Model Railway Skale Scenics 2008


R8906 Ground Tuft and Gravel Shaker


Green Tufts


Hornby Skalescenics - Model Railway Scenery - Hornby Skalescenics - Model Railway Scenery - Hornby Skalescenics - Model Railway Scenery -    Hornby Skalescenics - Model Railway Scenery - Hornby Skalescenics - Model Railway Scenery - Hornby Skalescenics - Model Railway Scenery -

R8886 Fine Conifer Green Tufts

R8887 Medium Conifer Green Tufts

R8888 Coarse Conifer Green Tufts

R8889 Fine Forest Green Tufts

R8890 Medium Forest Green Tufts

R8891 Coarse Forest Green Tufts


Hornby Skalescenics - Model Railway Scenery - R8892 Fine Grass Green Tuft  

R8892 Fine Grass Green Tufts

R8893 Medium Grass Green Tufts

R8894 Coarse Grass Green Tufts

R8895 Fine Spring Grass Green Tufts

R8896 Medium Spring Grass Green Tufts

R8897 Coarse Spring Grass Green Tufts

R8898 Fine Martian Green Tufts

R8899 Medium Martian Green Tufts

R8900 Coarse Martian Green Tufts


Blended Tufts

Hornby Skalescenics - Model Railway Scenery - Hornby Skalescenics - Model Railway Scenery - Hornby Skalescenics - Model Railway Scenery -

R8865 Fine Green Blended Tufts

R8866 Medium Green Blended Tufts

R8867 Fine Autumn Blended Tufts

R8868 Medium Autumn Blended Tufts


Hornby Skalescenics - Model Railway Scenery - Hornby Skalescenics - Model Railway Scenery - Hornby Skalescenics - Model Railway Scenery - Hornby Skalescenics - Model Railway Scenery -

R8869 Fine Early Fall Blended Tufts

R8870 Medium Early Fall Blended Tufts

R8871 Fine Late Fall Blended Tufts

R8872 Medium Fall Blended Tufts


Ground Cover Tufts



R8873 Fine Soil Ground Cover

R8874 Fine Earth Ground Cover

R8875 Coarse Earth Ground Cover

R8876 Fine Golden Straw Ground Cover

R8877 Coarse Golden Straw Ground Cover


Hornby Skalescenics - Model Railway Scenery - Hornby Skalescenics - Model Railway Scenery -   

R8878 Fine Yellow Straw Ground Cover

R8879 Coarse Yellow Straw Ground Cover

R8880 Fine Burnt Grass Ground Cover

R8881 Coarse Burnt Grass Ground Cover



R8882 Fine Moss Green Ground Cover

R8883 Coarse Moss Green Ground Cover

R8884 Fine Dark Green Ground Cover

R8885 Coarse Dark Green Ground Cover


Foliage Fibre Cluster


R8832 Fine Light Green Fibre Clusters

R8833 Medium Light Green Fibre Clusters

R8834 Coarse Light Green Fibre Clusters

R8835 Fine Medium Green Fibre Clusters

R8836 Medium Medium Green Fibre Clusters

R8837 Coarse Medium Green Fibre Clusters


R8838 Fine Dark Green Fibre Clusters

R8839 Medium Dark Green Fibre Clusters

R8840 Coarse Dark Green Fibre Clusters


R8841 Fine Early Fall Fibre Clusters

R8842 Medium Early Fall Fibre Clusters

R8843 Coarse Early Fall Fibre Clusters

R8844 Fine Late Fall Fibre Clusters

R8845 Medium Late Fall Fibre Clusters

R8846 Coarse Late Fall Fibre Clusters


Poly Fibres

R8847 Light Green Poly Fibre Strands

R8848 Medium Green Poly Fibre Strands

R8849 Dark Green Poly Fibre Strands



R8829 Off White Rock

R8830 Brown Rock

R8831 Dark Brown Rock



R8802 Fine Light Tan Gravel

R8803 Medium Light Tan Gravel

R8804 Coarse Light Tan Gravel

R8805 Fine Tan Gravel

R8806 Medium Tan Gravel

R8807 Coarse Tan Gravel

R8953 Medium Beige Gravel

R8954 Coarse Beige Gravel

R8808 Fine Light Grey Gravel

R8809 Medium Light Grey Gravel

R8810 Coarse Light Grey Gravel

R8811 Fine Grey Gravel

R8812 Medium Grey Gravel

R8813 Coarse Grey Gravel

R8814 Fine Black Gravel

R8815 Medium Black Gravel

R8816 Coarse Black Gravel

R8817 Fine Grey Blended Gravel

R8818 Medium Grey Blended Gravel

R8819 Coarse Grey Blended Gravel

R8820 Fine Dark Grey Gravel

R8821 Medium Dark Grey Gravel

R8822 Coarse Dark Grey Gravel

R8823 Fine Beige Mixed Gravel

R8824 Medium Beige Mixed Gravel

R8825 Coarse Beige Mixed Gravel

R8826 Fine White Mixed Gravel

R8827 Medium White Mixed Gravel

R8828 Coarse White Mixed Gravel


Field Grass



R8861 Natural Brown Field Grass


R8862 Golden Brown Field Grass


R8863 Light Green Field Grass


R8864 Dark Green Field Grass


Pro Trees


R8902 Chile Pine Trees 75mm x2

R8901 Chile Pine Trees 63mm x3


R8905 Oak Trees 63mm x2

R8907 Oak Tree 100mm


R8908 Live Oak Trees 75mm x2

R8909 Live Oak Tree 100mm (not pictured)


R8910 Pine Trees 75mm x3

R8911 Pine Trees 100mm x2


R8912 Deciduous Trees 63mm x3

R8913 Deciduous Trees 75mm x2

R8904 Cedar Trees 100mm x3 (not pictured)



R8917 Redwood Trees 100mm


R8918 Birch Trees 75mm x3

R8919 Birch Trees 100mm x2


R8920 Ash Trees 63mm x3

R8921 Ash Trees 75mm x2

R8922 Ash Trees 100mm x2


R8923 Beech Trees 75mm x2

R8924 Beech Tree 100mm

R8925 Beech Tree 125mm


R8926 Scots Pine Trees 75mm x3

R8927 Scots Pine Trees 100mm x2


R8903 Poplar Trees 100mm x3


R8915 Sycamore Trees 75mm x3

R8916 Sycamore Trees 100mm x2

Eco Trees


R8928 Eco Conifer Trees 100mm to 150mm x24


R8929 Eco Spruce Trees 100mm to 150mm x24


R8930 Eco Trees 74mm to 100mm x24


R8931 Eco Deciduous Trees 88mm to 100mm x2

R8932 Eco Deciduous Tree 138mm


R8933 Eco Sycamore Trees 88mm to 100mm x2

R8934 Eco Sycamore Tree 150mm



R8935 Eco Walnut Trees 75mm to 88mm x2

R8936 Eco Walnut Tree 125mm


Tree Kits



R8943 Starter Tree Kit - Deciduous

R8944 Starter Tree Kit - Sycamore

R8945 Pro Tree Kit - Deciduous

R8946 Pro Tree Kit - Sycamore

Tree Armatures



R8937 Pine Tree Armature x4

R8938 Pine Tree Armature x3



R8939 Deciduous Tree Armature x4

R8940 Deciduous Tree Armature x3


R8941 Weeping Willow Armature x4

R8942 Weeping Willow Armature x3



R8857 Mixed Green Wire Foliage Branches

R8858 Light Green Wire Foliage Branches

R8859 Dark Green Wire Foliage Branches

R8860 Autumn Mix Wire Foliage Branches

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